Supplement Review: Kegenix Ketogenic Supplements

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term “eating Keto” or some such iteration of it. Paleo, primal, keto – it’s all the same. Essentially (and a very basic overview) you eat lots of fats, veggies, and meats – and little to no starches, with absolutely no refined sugar. This has been pervasive in the CrossFit community – as well as the dietetics world for a simple reason: it works.

The 30 Day Supply I Tested

But eating Keto all the time can be tiresome, and if you’re transitioning from a carb and refined food rich diet to strict paleo/keto/primal (we’re going to refer to it as simply Keto from here on out) you will almost certainly get what’s called the “Keto Flu.” Basically, the transition cold turkey destroys you. Your body can become hopelessly addicted to sugar and refined foods that contain high amounts of processed ingredients which manifests itself via headaches, irratiability, tiredness, fatigue, and frankly, just feeling like crap.


Kegenix has products to help with that, but also to help you get back to a state of ketosis – that is burning fat and not glucose (sugar) for energy. (I apologize if this is all old hat, and you already follow Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser or any of the big names in the Keto Movement). Ketosis is much more efficient than burning glucose for energy for alot of reasons.

Ketosis in an hour?

First, all of the current statistics and scientific evidence proves sugar-based nutrition is killing us, and MORE importantly our children.  It is an epidemic that needs a revolution to stop it.

Our natural state of energy production of burning fat for fuel, whether it’s fat from our bodies that we’ve accumulated – or from an evolutionary standpoint – a fatty hunk of meat from a downed animal we took down with spears. The body is very, very efficient, and evolutionary biology theory proves this time and time again. Did you know every fetus is born in a fat burning state?  Did you know there isn’t a single essential carbohydrate? Did you know we went from 11% of our population being overweight in 1960 to 72% being overweight in 2016?  We evolved burning fat as our primary energy and we ate carb/sugars to store fat when they were available – IE berries, fruits, etc. We were never meant to eat sugars in the great quantities we are. Returning to our natural state of energy production, a ketogenic state, our fat burning state, provides us the opportunity to not only look better and feel better, but to address some chronic health issues. Need more data? 

  • Ketones/fats provide 2.5x’s more energy than carbs per gram
  • Ketones/fats burn “cleaner.” They produce 10x’s fewer free radicals
  • Ketones/fats don’t require insulin and they help reduce blood sugar
  • Ketones aid in “dejunking” our energy production cells (mitochondria)
  • Ketones/fats consume 40% less oxygen to generate the same energy
  • Ketones have an affinity for the brain, heart and kidneys. In fact, your brain runs pretty well on ketones – you won’t have the “carb haze” you get from junking up your engine.
  • Ketones help you improve your mental focus
  • Ketones improve mood and decrease those “afternoon bonks”
  • Ketones provide satiation, reduce hunger and curb carb cravings

Get your body into ketosis in about hour without those keto-flu symptoms

Now, enter Kegenix.  And back to my original point – switching your sugar-based fuel system back to burning fat for fuel isn’t easy.  Switching to burning fat for fuel requires a reduction in carbs/sugar and that reduction can cause hypoglycemia, fatigue and “flu like symptoms” while your body adapts.  Most people don’t make it, and if you do – power to you. I’ve been mainly Keto for about 5 years, and of course, I have cheat days, but by and large, I run solely on fats, lean meats, and veggies – with the occasional serving of fruits. (If you are an endurance athlete, however, you need to be mindful of carbs!) 

Meet your goals with Kegenix – Science that works

Kegenix is made from patented technology where they blend ketones and ketone precursors (Beta-hydroxybutyrate – BHB and MCT’s – Mid Chain Triglycerides – this should sound familiar if you follow Onnit or Mark Sisson, Joe Rogan, or Robb Wolf) with other key active ingredients to form the proprietary base of our remarkable product.  Kegenix is the first commercial, patented ketone product that helps you get into ketosis (fat burning state) and then helps you keep burning fat.  Kegenix is a powerful tool that replaces the lost energy from reducing your carbs/sugar, helps you transition and keeps your body burning your own fat for fuel, and does all of this painlessly.

Now, here comes the review. No bullshit. Brass tacks. I tested this stuff for a month. And I tested my ketone levels, since I was already basically keto adapted. In fact, I purposely ate bread, carbs, and sugars to gum up my system – You’re welcome, SGPT’ers. With this, you can replace your supplements, energy drinks and pre-post workout with one product.

So I tested my baseline before I started junking up my system with bad food in the name of science, or something. As soon as I wake up, I’m at .5 mMol (millimolars), which as I’ll show you below – is pretty steady state Keto. However, this comes from alot of discipline, and not eating anything which kicks me out of ketosis. One of the things I love, is that technically with this product, you can eat bad food, drink it (or use the KGX spray which tastes curiously like maple syrup) and pop right back into ketosis, tricking your body with some sound science and exogenous ketones to burn fat, and not all the sugar you just downed. <

When I fell off the wagon – 0 mMol – meaning I wasn’t keto anymore. So I drank a Kegenix, and within an hour – tested my urine – as was at 4mMol! I was deep in ketosis after taking this. I’m not joking. If you want a picture of the pee stick (you probably should talk to someone first) but I can send you it. Take my word though, it works.

As far as taste – it’s not bad at all. It tastes a bit like pre-workout like C4 – which I stopped taking a few years ago – and mixes pretty easily. I’d use room temperature water if you can to aid with mixing. The first time I took it, I will admit, that I instantly got hungry. I mean I was ravenous – I was driving and couldn’t get home fast enough to eat something. And also, akin to a preworkout, I felt a bit hot under the collar for a couple minutes, but after a couple doses, my body adapted and that went away. I think it was my body re-adapting to burning fat instead of sugar.

The KGX Boost Spray – now that stuff I love. Just a few pumps, hold it under your tongue, and you have ketogenic precursors like medium chain triglycerides introduced into your blood streams – basically telling your body “Hey Dummy, start burning fat!” Tastes almost sugary, and pops you back into ketosis. With this, I checked my ketone levels as well – and it wasn’t as dramatic as 4 mMol, but I went up to about 1.5 – still on my way to Ketosis.

In short, we at SGPT highly recommend this for both people wishing to start a keto lifestyle, and those that are Keto adapted and want another big push! You can click any of these links to get hooked up with Kegenix. Seriously, it works, grab some. It makes the tranistion to keto easy, and helps you pop back into ketosis on cheat days. Energize your body while burning fat

If you want some more reading, see below – this breaks it down for you even more.


The ketogenic process is where the body converts its primary fuel source from using sugar (glucose) to using fat (ketones). There are four primary steps in the ketogenic process:

Stage 1 Lipolysis​ – is the breakdown of lipids into triglycerides and free fatty acids.

Stage 2 Ketogenesis​ – is the process by which ketone bodies are produced as a result of triglyceride and fatty acid breakdown.

Stage 3 Ketosis​ – is a metabolic state when the body has an elevated blood ketone level of 0.5mmol/liter of blood and the body is primarily now using ketones for energy instead of glucose as its primary fuel source. Nutritional Ketosis is when blood ketone levels are between .5 mmol/liter and 3.0mmol/liter of blood.

Stage 4 Ketolysis​ – The actual utilization of ketones in the mitochondria for energy.


Ketones are high-energy molecules that are created by the liver during the breakdown of fat. They are similar to glucose molecules that are produced when the body breaks down carbohydrates. There are three main Ketones: B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate, (ACA) and acetone (which is really a by-product of ketogenesis). The first two are in KGX Spray!

Ketones can be used by the tissues in the body as fuel (including and especially the brain), in much the same way as glucose, ketones are believed to be a superior fuel source to glucose because they contain more energy per gram (2 1⁄2 times more) than glucose with less by-products produced when they are converted to energy, and they pass readily through what is called the “blood brain barrier,” (the envelope that surrounds and protects your brain).

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