Up Your Mass vs CytoGainer

Check out the reviews and comparisons for Maximum Human Performance Up Your Mass vs CytoGainer protein supplements and you be the judge which one to put in your body.

Maximum Human Performance Up Your Mass review
I’ve been using Up Your Mass for over 3 years now, and I LOVE IT! I use 2 scoops with 8oz whole milk for the creamiest, tastiest, most nutritious blend of quality fat, carbs, and protein you can get. Out of all the weight gainers I’ve tried, Up Your Mass is the all-around best:

  1. TASTE: You can’t go wrong with Fudge Brownie. I could drink it just for the taste (and sometimes I do).

  2. NUTRITION: You won’t believe this. It doesn’t use lame maltodextrin as an excuse for a carbohydrate. Barley, oats, and oat fiber all the way! And a great balance of protein, carbs, and fat.

  3. EFFECTS ON STOMACH: None. I don’t feel bloated, don’t feel like going to the bathroom, and don’t feel like ‘throwing up’, like I do with other weight gainers.

  4. EFFECTIVENESS: If you’re a normal guy like me, don’t do the 4 scoops – that seems a bit excessive. 2 scoops and a little milk and you’ll be well on your way to quality muscle mass (with an awesome workout and decent meal plan of course). That stuff about gaining 16 lbs in however many weeks – don’t count on that. But rest assured, this gainer works really well!

If you’re looking for a weight gainer, please buy this one. I want to make sure they keep producing this until I die.

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CytoSport Cyto Gainer Protein Review

I am considered a hard-gainer and am in the process of putting on the bodyweight to increase my lean muscle mass. At this point I am only using a SINGLE serving a day (4 scoops with milk). This is all that is required for staying about 500 calories above my basal metabolic rate (go above it and you will gain weight, go below it and you will lose weight).

I calculate this value every month because I notice my caloric requirements increase as I gain in weight. I also evenly space 5-6 frequent meals 300-400 calories. During workout days I drink whey protein for muscle repair along w/ L-glutamate after the workout. I keep my workouts simple HEAVY compound movements (ie. squats, deadlift, bench, military press).

I really like Cytosport Cytogainer – I starte this product at 185 lbs after a month I am already up to a a little over 200 lbs with a very noticable increase in my arm size, leg size, chest and shoulder size, and I must admit waist size. But that is a small price to pay for such great gains. When I feel like I am getting a bit TOO big I suppose I’ll start cutting back on a fat burning routine, aside from that this is a great product if utilized right.

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Up Your Mass vs Cytogainer

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