Training with Swim Fins for Special Forces

training with swim finsIf your going to train for Special Forces like BUDS, PJ’s and Marine Force Recon your going to need to get used to training and swimming with fins.

The time to start working with fins is now so that you don’t wait till your in the actual training to try on your first pair.

You will be using a long fin with a wide blade in the Special Forces training.

You will not be using a short thin blade like you see in boogie boarding. The blade will also be stiff to semi-stiff. Not soft.

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Warmup in a pool with freestyle swim stroke. Put on the fins. Start out slow with 100 to 200 meter swims. Don’t overdo it at first. If your calf and ankles begin to fatigue then go ahead and take a break. Pushing past discomfort in this case can lead to tendonitis.

Swim regularly with fins. Not just one and done. Bring them into your weekly swimming workouts to get more used to them.

Use booties while swimming in fins. This is how you will swim in Special Forces training. You will not swim barefoot in fins. Make sure the bootie is snug on your ankle. If the bootie is too big it will take on water and be a drag on your forward speed.

Question: What is a good book that I can read that tells more about training for Navy SEALs?

Check out the book Suffer in Silence: A Novel of Navy SEAL Training.

This will give you a better idea of how hard the training is and why less than 20% of candidates make it.

I went through BUDS twice (failed a math test) and spent over 11 months in training and I believe this book has some great insight as to what it takes to make it through.

Most dont make it and only a few survive.

Video – PJ/Combat Diver Fin Swim technique

Tip #4
Get a good fin that will last – not the cheapest pair at the Five and Dime store.

Recommended brands are US Divers Rocket Fin (used at BUDS), IST Deep sea military fins and Cressi.

Tip #5
Athletes with better developed hips and legs do better at swimming with fins. Take the time now to practice workouts with flutter kicks, leg levers, air squats and walking lunges.

Questions from our readers.

Question: What are BUDS Navy SEAL training swim lengths times with fins (First Phase)?
1 mile bay swim with fins 50 min
1.5 mile ocean swim with fins 75 min
2 mile ocean swim with fins 95 mi

Question: What is a decent mask to get that will not break the bank? I am on a budget.

The Cressi Dive Mask is good for pool swimming and workouts and is very good value at under $40.

I would not use it as a commercial diver but is good for swimming and training.

If you want to bump up to a higher grade mask check out the

Question: What is a good dive bootie to use?

I like the Mares High Cut Diving Boot for every day diving work.

It will work well for both finning and working as a Diver.

Special Forces Swim workout #1
Special Forces boot review
Navy SEAL recommended swim fins

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