US Navy Submarine Headed for South Korea and is Loaded with Extra Gear and Ready for Action

USS Michigan in the Port of Busan, Korea. Petty Officer 2nd Class Jermaine Ralliford.

The Ohio-class US Navy submarine has a reputation for carrying Special Operation Teams because it’s one of the largest in the Navy’s fleet.

When the USS Michigan stopped in Busan, a South Korean City, many noticed the silos on top that could be carrying SDV’s (SEAL Delivery Vehicles). These SEAL delivery vehicles are tiny subs used to carry Navy SEALS and their gear straight into enemy territory.

While submarines occasionally have a single silo attached to create extra equipment storage space, silos aren’t often used because they cause drag, which decreases the stealthiness of the submarine. That the USS Michigan has two suggests there’s a need for more SDVs and equipment than usual.

Currently, the US Navy has 18 Ohio-class submarines in its feet. They are nuclear-powered and are often equipped with Tomahawk missiles.

While it was confirmed that the silos are used to carry SDVs when needed, the US Navy did not confirm if that was what was in the two atop the USS Michigan, nor what personnel was on the submarine as it does not disclose any information and the deployment of U.S. Navy SEALS.

US Navy personnel training with an SDV. US Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Andrew McKaskle.

However, back in early April, when the USS Michigan last visited Busan, it did carry Navy SEALS to train with South Korean Forces to prepare for a possible confrontation with Kim Jong-Un.

The US continues to put aggressive and massive pressure on North Korea to end their missile testing and threatening of other countries. China has also stepped up and gone further in sanctions than it ever has along with many other countries.

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