Rocky vs Redwing boot reviews

Check out the reviews, videos and info for the Rocky S2V boots vs Redwing and you decide which is best for your feet.

Rocky S2V boot review by Jordan
I am an active duty U.S. Army service member. Having used numerous types of boots from the ever popular Danners, to the less commonly seen Nikes. Having a good set of boots is a top priority for all service members. Being able to ruck march for long periods of time with large amounts of wieght is an essential ability in my line of work.

Rocky S2V boot review

Check out the Rocky 104L S2v Tactical/Military Boots

RedWing Heritage Boots Review by billy
So now that I’ve had these boots for about a month, I figured it’s time for me to weigh in. The Red Wing Heritage Boots are high quality boots. The leather just feels legit. I’ve got some other very nice leather boots and shoes and these boots surpass them all in leather quality. The leather is thicker, yet supple. The entire boot feels well-constructed. The stitching is top notch. The soles should last forever (c’mon, they’re Vibram!) and if they don’t they could easily be replaced. I’ve gotten compliments from both hipsters and true-blue working class dudes alike. The verdict is in: these boots are the real deal.

Video – Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Ranger Review

Check out the Red Wing Heritage 6 Inch Iron Ranger Boot

Rocky S2V boot review by Charles:
Don’t change sizes. I wear a size 12 in Nike, and these fit like gloves. Really the most comfortable boots that I’ve ever worn. So far, I’ve worn them for a full 24 hours straight and walked at least 5 miles in them. I wore nike synthetic padded socks with them, and only started to feel a slight bit of heel tenderness near the end due to the fact that I’m still breaking them in. They were brand new when I put them on, so I imagine them only getting better from here. I highly recommended the Rocky S2V Work Boot. They fit perfect, at least for me, and I tried Danner, Belleville, and some others. These were the best, by far for my use.

Question: Are Danner boots really used in the military?

Yes; Danners are issued to U.S. Army Rangers.

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