Nike SFB vs Under Armour Ops Trainer

Check out these reviews, videos and comparisons for the Nike SFB vs Under Armour Ops Trainer and you decide what is best for your feet.

The Nike SFB is a modern, athletic boot designed for first responders, the Nike Special Field Men’s Boot was engineered to the specifications of world-class heroes, from military professionals to rescue and law personnel. The result: the lightest, fastest-drying, highest-mobility performance boot Nike has ever made.

Video – Special Forces Boot Reviews – Nike Military Boot

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Nike Special Field Boot Review by Anthony
I won’t go back to my old style of boot, unless I have to wear a steel toe, because they feel like sneakers

Nike Special Field Boot Review by Patrick
Awesome for foot patrol. I often do 8hrs straight with no issue. Way more comfortable than my old pair of bates boots. Durable, nice fit, great looking, lightweight, the only problems are no steel toe, no easy out (zipper type thing up the side), and that on wet tile they can be very slippery. I will be buying these nikes from now on.
Under Armour OPS Tactical Training Shoes Review by Will
I’m on the SWAT team and these boots are freaking light! 2 problems though, with these being so light they get soaked the other problem is that when transitioning from wet grass to smooth surfaces they become slippery. They are more like a tennis shoes. The UA Ops trainer shoes look great and are extemely quiet on hard surfaces. They are actually the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.

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Video – Vasque Juxt review

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Vasque Men’s Juxt Multisport Shoe review by S. Miller
I do a lot of hiking and have always stuck with boots until now! Last week I went out on a 15 mile day hike and my feet were killing me by the time I was done. The hike consisted of a lot of bolder-jumping and by the end of the day I could hardly get my feet up high enough to clear them. I figured they have to make hiking shoes. Something lightweight and then I discovered these. WOW! They are incredibly light and honestly, some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I did 12 miles the other night (night hiking) and ended up running with them for about 6 miles. Incredibly comfortable! Couldn’t have done that in boots if I wanted to.

I’m impressed and blown away by these shoes. Fit perfectly.

Update: A few months in with this shoes has been awesome. They really are high quality, ultra light hiking shoes. I’ve already put about 50 miles on these puppies and they look brand new! Holding up very, very well. I uploaded a photo for you all.

UPDATE 2: These are without a doubt the best hiking shoes I’ve got. I absolutely love them! Since the last update I’ve put another 30 miles on the Vasque Juxt and no blisters, no problem with quality. Perfectly comfortable. They dry out very easily. Whenever they finally give in to the punishment I put them through, I will buy another pair. They are my favorite shoe.

Question: Do you have any info about UA alegent vs nike sfb? Yes; we are working on an review for the Alegent now.

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