Outfitting Your CrossFit Garage Gym with Rogue Fitness Equipment

Outfitting Your CrossFit Garage Gym with Rogue Fitness Equipment

Just wanted to check in and let all of the CrossFit and Special Forces athletes know about Rogue Fitness Equipment and their killer gear. I am currently outfitting my CrossFit Garage gym with new gear and am working with Rogue Fitness to get it all dialed in.

I met Bill and Caity Henniger this past fall out in Encinitas at the SEALFit compound and it was great to hear them talk about Rogue Fitness and their support of the CrossFit and military athlete community.  One of their top Rogue sponsored athletes, Rob Orlando was also there and he jumped into the SEALFit Kokoro event head first.

So when it came time to put together my garage gym I naturally turned to Rogue Fitness. Currently I am putting together my CrossFit garage gym at my house.  I have a small two car garage but that will do.  For starters I have ordered several items off the Rogue website – The Rogue Fitness gear is phenomenal. 

I ordered a Rogue Ader kettlebell a few weeks back and have made it a part of my weekly workouts.  I also have a double set of the new Rogue bumper plates made by Hi-Temp and these weights are the bomb.  You can drop them on the concrete and they bounce like a jam sandwich.  I just need to get some Rogue gym mats to finish out the garage gym but they are on order. 

I just got in a new Rogue plyometric box and was setting it up in the garage gym over the weekend.  The box is made super tight with all matching edges.  With a little bit of wood glue and putting in the wood screws (supplied), the Rogue plyometric box was up and ready to go.  This box is sweet with no gaps and looks super clean.  Of course it works like a charm and will give you the killer workout with plyometric jumps.

Check out the Rogue Wood Plyo Boxes @ RogueFitness.com

Rogue Fitness started out as grass roots in their own home garage and built their gym up by good old fashioned boot strappin’.  They have products and materials all made in the US and they put Americans to work building some of the best weight training equipment on the planet.

Click here for Rogue Fitness W4-Garage Gym Setup
Take a look at these Rogue Fitness gymnastic rings – no more wimpy plastic rings from China.  These gym rings are the burl – made of real metal – and forged here in the US.  This is what Rogue is all about.

Rogue Fitness
CrossFit Military Packages

Military Packages

When I first got a hold of the Rogue Fitness gym rings I put them to the test on one of my favorite CrossFit workouts called JT

CrossFit Workout – JT
for time
Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips

JT will light up your upper body — every vein in your arms and neck will be bulging.

Another CrossFit workout that I love to rock with my new Rogue Ader Kettlebell is Helen.

3 rounds for time
400 meter Run
21 kettlebells swings with 55 lb
12 pull-ups

I rigged up the new Rogue IPS pull-up system and went to work on this killer workout.

Next on my list is the Dynamax ball.  I am ordering the 20 lb for myself and the 16 lb for my wife.  I may also get a 12 lb Dynamax ball for my kids.

My local CrossFit gym just bought another one of the Rogue Fitness barbells.  The Rogue bar is super burly and all you need for a killer workout. I used it this morning on a CrossFit workout named Betty.  Check this out —

5 rounds for time
12 push press with 135 lbs (I used the Rogue bar)
20 box jumps @ 24 inches

Rogue Axle bar review

Check out the Rogue Barbell @ RogueFitness.com

I did the workout in 16:50 but am sure I can come back fresh and do it for a better time. Earlier that morning I hit a new squat record of 355 lbs. at 165 lbs. so I was a little fatigued – but “No Excuses”.  I will come back for a 360 lb squat and will reduce my time on Betty after that.

If your going to be doing shoulder presses and squats you going to want to check out the new Rogue SPX squat stands.  These are really beefy and not some cheap Chinese stuff that will fall apart and crush your backbone.  These will stand up to tons of abuse and are the killer gear to outfit your CrossFit garage gym.

Earlier this week at my local CrossFit gym I did a beefy CrossFit workout called Tommy V – with rope climbs. Our gym has a set of the Rogue ropes so we put them to the test.

Tommy V
5 rounds for time
21 thrusters with 115 lbs
12 rope climbs at 15 ft.
15 thrusters
9 rope climbs
9 thrusters
6 rope climbs

Check out the questions that several of the athletes in our gym have asked.

Question: “Coach, when are you going to do an article on how to build a Rogue style CrossFit gym with new equipment?”. Well.. check out the video below.

Video – How to Build a Garage Gym Rogue Style

Rogue Climbing Ropes
Rogue Climbing Ropes

Question: “Is there a local store to buy Rogue Fitness Equipment?”. Rogue is looking at opening up retail locations but for now you can buy Rogue Fitness gear online here.

Question: “Coach, I only have a single car garage, how can I outfit my area like a CrossFit box?”. I would shoot for trying to add in a rig like the W4 and add dumbbells and barbell with bumper plates.

CrossFit Grinder is a Navy SEAL owned CrossFit gym – click here

I have lots of ideas and new plans for my CrossFit garage gym and will be sure to be picking up some more Rogue Fitness gear to add to it.  Keep crushing those workouts and hit me with an email brad@sealgrinderpt.com and let me know how your home garage gym is coming along. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Outfitting Your CrossFit Garage Gym with Rogue Fitness Equipment

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