3 Tips to improve Push-Ups for Beginners

3 tips to improve pushupsThe push up is one of the top four bodyweight exercises (squat, pull up, sit-up) that you will need build as a cornerstone of your workouts.

Check out these 3 tips on push ups for beginners so that you can increase your reps and bodyweight strength.

Tip # 1
Keep you body rigid and back straight for the pushup. Start out with pushups on a bench or barbell in a rack at waist height.

First off – establish your baseline by doing 2 minutes of max rep pushups. Record score.

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Workout #1
Pushup pyramid
do pushups up until almost failure and then work your way back down
1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (almost failure)-6-5-4-3-2-1

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Tip #2
Keep your head straight in a neutral position.

Workout #3
10 pushups
sprint 20 meters (set cone at 10 meters)
15 pushups
sprint 40 meters
20 pushups
sprint 60 meters
20 pushups
sprint 80 meters
25 pushups
sprint 100 meters
post time to comments below

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Tip #3
Go all the way down to the floor and then back up to the top position. Don’t do half reps. Again, keep your body straight like a plank of wood. Don’t do the worm (chest up and then your butt later). Keep body and back straight in alignment.

Workout #3
Tabata pushups
8 rounds of 20 seconds of pushups then 10 seconds of rest
4 minutes total workout
you are scored on your lowest round of pull ups
post score in comments below

Strength Camp video – How to Do more Pushups

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Workout #4
get in plank position (pushup position on hands)
hold 10 seconds
next day go for 20 seconds
next day 30 seconds
keep repeating till you get close to failure
next day rest
next day 20 seconds
next day 30 seconds
keep repeating till you get close to failure
rinse and repeat

Last tip:
Work on perfecting the pushup and being able to do many reps before you move on to the handstand push up or others (ring pushups).

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