Kickstart Your Monday Navy SEAL Style

For some people Monday can be a real drag.

For warrior athletes Monday is just another day with a few obstacles but many chances to kick @ss.

You see, it starts with a slight shift in your perspective.

Tip #1 Shift Your Thinking

The worrier (sheep people) – they see themselves as a victim and things happen to them.

The Warrior sees every small problem as an opportunity to get stronger.

The Warrior has a strong “WHY” that helps them push through the day

That said—check out a few extra tips to kick start your Monday and help you succeed.

Tip #2 Strong Coffee

Brew up a strong pot of bulletproof coffee and put it in your thermos to take to work.

Caffeine boost creativity which is a vital link to you having progress in your daily life.

Check out this SGPT article with Laird Hamilton’s (big wave surfer) recipe.

Tip #3 Be Accountable

Yesterday I talked to my coach on the phone for 30 minutes (yes; I have several coaches).

At the end of the conversation he gave me 30 days to improve in one area and I will call him back and report in.

Being accountable to him makes me have to work harder to meet that goal.

If I slack off and don’t do the work then I will fail on this task.

Are you accountable to a friend or coach? Are you using this tool to your advantage?

Check out SGPT Mind + Body Coaching and get daily accountability to reach your goals.

Tip #4 Motion

Put your body in motion.

This can be walking 20 minutes in your neighborhood.

It can be running for 30 minutes on a new trail that you found.

It can be rucking/hiking for an hour with a 20 lb backpack.

The key is that you have to get outside and move your body.

Do you have an event on the horizon like a GORUCK or Spartan Race?

We have trained hundreds of athletes for the GORUCK and Spartan Race events and can help you too.

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bradBrad McLeod knows first hand about mental toughness. After passing Hell Week and Dive Pool Comp at BUD/S, he failed a math test and was kicked out of training. A year later, he returned, graduated, and served as an operator on the Navy SEAL Teams.

Check out SEALgrinderPT Coaching to help you step up and take hold of your dreams and realize your goals.


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