What Does Amazing Look Like?

Team SGPT:

On vacation all week – really having a blast and still connecting daily with the SGPT crew and hearing their successes and dreams and break throughs.

What goals are you accomplishing this week? Moving forward 1 percent weekly. Love it.

Check out this video of my Man – E.T. – listen to it like an audio.

Check out the SGPT Motivational Mental Edge audios

Part of your daily ritual should be to listen to audio and video. The audio above has a great message.

If your life was Amazing – what would it look like?

If you knew what Amazing could look like – then why are you not there yet?

Ask yourself that question. It is a tough one as it all boils down to personal responsibility and accountability.

Be honest with yourself and ask this question “I am not amazing because (insert negative thing holding you back).

I don’t show up to class on time. I don’t finish my workouts. I procrastinate. I would rather hang out with friends who aren’t as good as me. I am lazy. List goes on.

Your life will change this next minute when you accept personal responsibility and work to erase one of those negative things and replace it with one positive thing.

I show up for class on time. I finish all of my workouts. I avoid procrastination. I finish the job. I work hard to be around people that are better than me. Pick one and do it today.

Vow to make your life amazing. Pledge to become great in everything you do. Don’t wait another minute. Start now.

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