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Controlling Chaos:

Information Diet

With today’s 24 news cycle we are bombarded daily on TV and the internet with too much bad news and information.

Ask yourself the question – does it affect me directly? Can I make a direct impact?

Tim Ferris popularized this idea and uses this template for the Info Diet

No news first thing in the AM

5 minute info/news max at lunch

1 hour educational tv in evening

10 minute book read before bed

No screen time 1 hour before bed.

Only check email once daily.

Instead of excess news – Listen to audiobooks or deep dive into an interesting podcast interview

Hack: Create a “dumb phone” Get rid of twitter and Facebook app or whatever social media app that causes you stress.

I remember going to an island in the Virgin Islands. I thought I was going to get away from the chaos of big city life – and there on tv was CNN fox 24/7 news on tv in cafe for all of the cafe diners to absorb.

That is the essence of this concept. You don’t need 24/7 news to be a part of the world. You don’t need a Twitter debate right before you put your head down to sleep.

You don’t need political debate on Facebook. Guess what – no one ever changed their minds and switched political parties after a Facebook debate.

Spend your time constructively with less scrolling to find worthless junk news and more time away from excess news.
Scrolling is addicting – as it triggers “novelty” in your brain. Instead – listen to a good podcast interview with constructive tips and ideas.

Digest less “fast food” info (scrolling for headlines).

We are suffering Information malnutrition and overload. We are not getting enough quality information. Find a quality podcast and dig in deeper to good information.

Limit your social media time on Facebook. (more time doing challenges like this or positive things on social media)

If the news was so big…you would hear about it

Only check email once daily. It has been shown scientifically to create Email apnea. Holding your breath as you read an email (as someone is asking you to do something). This has physiological and psychological negative impacts.

Post up what measures you are taking to limit your information intake.

Be accountable to the group as that is the secret sauce that I’ll help you make real gains with this training! HOOYAH!

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