Coronavirus – Are we panic buying?

We are no strangers to catastrophic events here in Florida. Every summer some part of the state prepares to get hammered by the next incoming hurricane. We dodged two hurricanes (Michael 2018 and Hermine 2016 ) and have seen the grocery stores cleaned out.

I just got back from my local grocery store here in Tallahassee, Florida. This is by far the worst that I have seen the shelves. All of the usual suspects (bread, milk, dog food, cereal). But what about the clearing out of the bottled water? WTF?!?

Another interesting note is that we are seeing a really high amount of purchases online through Amazon. We have never seen this large amount of groceries being ordered.

So I was curious. The local gun store, Kevins Sporting Goods was right around the corner. I think I will go over there and check on the media reports.

As I walked into the store I overheard the clerk talking about a recent sale of guns over over $8k that day. I checked out the shelves expecting to see total carnage. I was surprised to see some of the cutter 9mm hydroshock rounds (expensive) and no other 9mm. There were no more cases of 5.56mm rounds but a moderate amount of 20 rounds for $9.99 boxes.

I just looked online at Brownells for ammo. Sold out.

Where are we heading with the Coronovirus. Are you buying because you think the world is ending? Or are you just wanting to be extra cautious and prepared?

Post up – let us know.

Preparing for the Corona Virus

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