David Goggins: “You Have to Suffer to Grow.”

Check out this great video in which David Goggins talks about what he feels is the biggest hindrance to being able to grow. While suffering is key, it’s how you choose to use it to your advantage that matters.

As you watch the video, ask yourself if you’re willing to follow his suggestions. If you are—how will you do it? Where will you apply it in your life?

If you’re not, ask yourself why you’re not willing to do so. Then ask yourself where that comes from—is it from fear?

If it is, how can you crush that out of your life and get motivated tor reach your goals?


QUESTION: Hi, Coach. I get that I need to toughen up if I want to reach my goals, but I’m not sure where to begin. Where do I start? How?

ANSWER: Check out this article—How Do You Learn Mental Toughness?

QUESTION: So what are some of your favorite training workouts as a SEAL? Do you have any routines you do each day?

ANSWER: Here’s an article with some of my favorite ways to workout and plan my day—Best Navy SEAL Workouts — Routines And Training Programs.



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