How Do YOU Deal with Risk?

Whether we realize it or not. We all need a little risk in our life.

No saying we need to play “chicken” with a freight train – but acceptable risk – pushing boundaries – can have a big impact on your brain and body (in a good way).

How do you deal with Risk? Do you shut down and move the other way – or do you ponder in your mind “what if”?

Check out the video below – listen to it like an audio if you like.

Key points…Profound words from elite climber Chris Sharma as he says….

“I really needed to do it – it’s unfinished business”

Check out the new audio “the Gambler” as a Navy SEAL talks about Risk

That leads us to the core of the discussion. When do you know what it is that you need to do?

Is this risk – this project – something that makes you better as a person? Helps others and motivates them?

Many of us face those same decisions on a daily basis – or at best – we have that ONE big decision in a lifetime where we must lay it all on the line and move forward – or live a life of regret.

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