Does Ukraine Have Special Forces Operating?

Does Ukraine have Special Forces operating to defend against the Russian invasion? Yes!

The Ukraine has some very elite Special Forces and they are 100% functioning to repel the Russian forces.

“Like all post-Soviet states, Ukraine inherited its special forces (Spetsnaz) units from the remnants of the Soviet armed forces, GRU and KGB units. Ukraine now maintains its own Spetsnaz structure under the control of the Ministry of Interior, and under the Ministry of Defense

Ukraine has a number of specialized military and law enforcement units that are considered part of the country’s special forces. These units play a crucial role in maintaining national security, conducting special operations, counter-terrorism activities, and providing support in various high-risk situations. Here are some notable special forces units in Ukraine:

  1. Special Operations Forces (SOF): The Special Operations Forces of Ukraine are a relatively new addition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, established in 2015. They are responsible for conducting special operations, counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, and unconventional warfare. The SOF consists of several specialized units, including special forces reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, and special operations aviation units.
  2. Alpha Group (SBU): The Alpha Group is a special operations unit within the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). They are primarily responsible for counter-terrorism operations, hostage rescue missions, and high-risk law enforcement tasks. The Alpha Group is known for its professionalism, specialized training, and capabilities. ┬áThe term “Alpha” is also used by many other post Soviet states such as Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan as these units are based on the Soviet Union’s Alpha Group.
  3. Vympel (SBU): Vympel is another elite unit within the Security Service of Ukraine. They specialize in counter-terrorism, intelligence operations, and protecting state interests. Vympel operatives undergo extensive training in various fields, including combat tactics, intelligence gathering, and special weapons handling.
  4. Grifon (National Guard): The Grifon unit is part of the National Guard of Ukraine. They are trained for counter-terrorism operations, maintaining public order, and protecting critical infrastructure. The unit is known for its readiness to respond to various threats within Ukraine.
  5. Berkut (Disbanded): Berkut was a special police force in Ukraine, primarily responsible for public order maintenance and crowd control. However, following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, the unit was disbanded due to allegations of human rights abuses.

These are just a few examples of the specialized units within Ukraine’s special forces. It’s important to note that the Ukrainian military and security forces are continually evolving, and there may be further developments or changes in their structure and capabilities. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is advisable to refer to official Ukrainian military sources or reliable news outlets.

So how does their training compare to the United States Special Forces (SOF)? It’s pretty similar. In fact, US Special Operations Command Europe has been in the Ukraine training with and advising the Ukrainian forces for a number of years.

US Forces are not engaging in combat, they simply advise the Ukrainian Operators. The US also sends billions of dollars worth of small arms and missile systems. This could be a reason why you see the Ukrainian resistance having so much success… They may have the advantage when it comes to technology.

The biggest element of any SOF unit is 1st: Teamwork and 2nd being in top physical shape. If you operate as a Team with solid communication, you can easily defeat the enemy.

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Recently the Ukrainian military has claimed to have killed three Russian generals, including at least one reportedly eliminated by sniper fire.

What will happen in the ongoing battle between Russia and Ukraine?

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