Epic 20X Challenge in Trenton

trenton 20x Challenge

We were blown away by this past weekend at the SLTC facility in Trenton, Georgia.

The bar has been set at a higher level for the next SEALFIT 20X Challenge.

If we told you the details – you would not believe us.

Helicopters in the fog, riding in military grade Hummers with a flak jacket wearing driver.

SEALFIT 20X event in Trenton GA Spring 2014

A “real live” Drone flying overhead and shooting photographs and videos.

The driver of the drone had spent 3 years in Afghanistan flying drones for the military.

But those were just the props…

What was wicked cool was to see the transformation starting with 20 athletes and finishing with 18 hardened warriors.

What is the SEALFIT 20X Challenge? An event designed to show you that you are capable of 20X more than you think your capable of.

trenton 20x athletes The 20X Challenge is NOT your average mud run. This is truly an event that will transform your life and the way your think.

The day was brutal but fun. We hit the Lineman with everything in our arsenal.

We worked on team building drills and exercises.

We threw on our heavy ruck sacks and hiked deep into boulder strewn Cloudland Canyon.

18 man log

We finished the day with 18 mud covered Lineman on one super long telephone pole. We had never seen this many athletes under one log at one time. EPIC.

They stood tall. They are changed men and women – for the better.

What will you do to find EPIC in your life?  Pushing yourself to the next level?

Join us at Allentown PA on May 3rd or Conroe Texas on June 15th as we will bring the EPIC to those events.

Check out these 20X Challenge tips if you think your ready.

If your group is interested in having SEALFIT 20X at your gym or business please contact Coach Lance Cummings
Email: lance@sealfit.com

Special thanks to Coach Derek Price, David Powell and Shane Henderson and all of the video staff from SLTC.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

20X Challenge Trenton GA

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