Female Southwest Pilot Lands Plane Safely During Emergency

Twenty minutes after takeoff from La Guardia, the Southwest passengers heard several explosions and watched as debris fell from the port engine.

Adding to the incident, the falling debris broke a window; the woman seated next to it started to get sucked through it. The plane pitched to a roll of 41 degrees. Passenger airlines rarely go beyond 25 degrees.

As passengers rushed to save the passenger, Tammie Jo Shults, one of the first female Naval fighter pilots, reacted with “nerves of steel”, calmly and quickly addressing the situation. She was able to level the plane and maneuver and safely land it at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Unfortunately, despite being pulled back in side the plane, the female passenger next to the window sustained injuries leading to her death. A few other passengers sustained minor injuries.

Engineers are uncertain as to how and why the window broke; no acrylic was found inside the plane.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigator examines the damaged engine.

After everyone deplaned, Shults greeted each passenger.

No media interviews will be given.

Questions from our athletes

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But some days I don’t have any motivation because I’m bored. Got any ways I can stay on track with your workouts but maybe add more variety to what I’m already doing? BigDog

ANSWER: Good question BigDog. We all have days where we may not be as motivated as other days. That is why we cannot rely on motivation to be our main driver to reach our goals. Yes; listening to a motivational speaker can help get you pumped up.

But in the end you must have discipline in order to reach your goals. You must get up one day after another and build your body and mind. Eating clean nutrition and sleeping 8 full quality hours. When you build discipline your look back and motivation and realize that it is not something that you really need.

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