Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on Days When He Has Zero Motivation: “I Go Anyways.”

“Don’t give into the immediate gratification that’s whispering in your ear. Shut that down. Do not listen to that little voice. Instead—go through the motions. Lift the weights. Sprint the hill. Work on the project. Get out of bed.”

Watch this awesome video with Jocko Willink talking about how he handles days when he’s “just not feeling it”.

How do you handle days when you don’t have motivation? How do you talk yourself into doing something when you can’t generate any inspiration? Let us know in the comments below how you “chip away” at your own projects.

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QUESTION:  I have a terrible time getting motivated on Monday. Like everyone else probably. But I noticed where my head is on those mornings sets the tone for the whole week. How can I get motivated on Mondays?

ANSWER: Check out this article—4 Ways to Kickstart Your Monday Navy SEAL Style.




QUESTION: I am working towards running my first 5K this fall but I’m struggling with getting my speed up. Can you help me with ways to get better? It’s been months and I’m still at about a 12 minute mile.

ANSWER: Yes; here’s an article that should help. Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time. Any more questions, feel free to hit us up on the SGPT Facebook page. We’d also love to hear how these tips helped!


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