First Female Completes US Army’s Special Forces Assessment and Selection Process

In 2016, the US Army opened special operations jobs to females.

Only just this year, 2018, has a female fully completed the initial SFAS—Special Forces Assessment and Selection Process.

There have been females who have successfully passed the Ranger program, but this is the first female to enter the next phase, which is the Special Forces Qualification course. (The soldier’s rank and current specialty has not been released.)

Lt. Col. Loren Bymer told Army Times, ”We’re proud of all the candidates who attended and were selected to continue into the qualification course in hopes of earning their Green Beret.”

Special Forces candidates have a break between graduating from SFAS and moving on to the “Q Course”.

What that break consists of depends on the roles the soldiers will play upon graduation. Officers may attend classes for their career course, while enlistees attend the Basic Leader Course.

The Q Course is longer than SFAS, as it consists of four phases, which take anywhere from one to two years to complete. The length is determined by the soldier’s assigned specialty and what foreign language they are to learn.

The Green Berets is one of the remaining few Army designations that do not have females serving within the ranks.

Since 2016, hundreds of women now serve in infantry positions, and more than a dozen have earned a Ranger tab.


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