US Army Ranger School—Could You Cut It?

Ranger School is a 61-day combat leadership course oriented toward small-unit tactics. It is open to all Army soldiers—enlisted, warrant officer and commissioned officer.

From mountains to swamps, food and sleep deprivation, long and weighted plank holds under the hot Georgian sun at Fort Benning; there’s no doubt about it…you have to be a serious bada** to make it through Ranger School and earn that coveted tab.

Ranger School is also open to US Navy sailors, US Air Force, US Marines and a small selection of allied military forces.

The United States Army Ranger School is a 62-day course teaching small unit tactics and leadership. The purpose of this school is to develop real world skills directly related close combat and direct fire battles.

Ranger training was established in 1950 at Fort Benning, Georgia. The course is 61 days long and stresses candidates to the breaking point in each of the three phases – Benning Phase, Mountain Phase, and Swamp Phase.

Watch the video and tell us—do you think YOU could cut it?

QUESTION: Coach, I’m about to leave for US Army boot camp and then Ranger School. Have some insider tips on the obstacle course?

ANSWER: Yes—check out this article we put together: Army Ranger Obstacle Course Tips.

QUESTION: What kind of SOF tips can you give me for pull-ups?

ANSWER: This article is chock full of info: Special Forces Operator Unloads Pull-Ups Tips.


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