Army Ranger Obstacle Course Tips

The Army Ranger obstacle course known as “the Darby Queen” is legendary for being tough and hard.

Many a potential soldier has dreamed of running this course and attending Ranger School.

What kind of skills do you need for this course?

How can you train and get ready for the Army Ranger obstacle course? Check out these tips—also check out “So, You Want to be a Ranger?” e-book by Tom Coffey, SGPT coach and former Ranger.

Tip #1
In order to do well on this course you have to be fast.

If you need to lose weight then lose it now. Being big and slow will hurt you on this course.

You will not be able to muscle your way over the obstacles.

First you do the Darby Mile – which is an unknown distance about 2 miles or so. Once you finish the Darby mile. Then there are 4 different walls you have to get over, you move to the pullup bars for 6 of the slowest, longest pullups of your life (if you come off the bar you start over), from there you climb a rope.

Then move to the rope swing (grab it and swing to a platform without touching the ground), next is the log wall climb (climb up this structure made of criss crossing logs like this , you have to climb up, over, and back down), from there it’s monkey bars over Pitts of water… don’t fall in. You then move to a water pit with barbed wire over It and low crawl through. From there you have two more water pits to navigate and you’re done

Question: Do you have a book you recommend to get ready for Army Ranger school? Yes; check out this book.

This book has just about everything but combatives.

It is a great source of information. The U.S. Army Ranger Handbook SH21-76, Revised FEBRUARY 2011 is much like a manual, so some of the sections can be a tough read, but it is still a great piece to own.

We have a copy on our shelf.

Army Ranger The Darby Queen obstacle course

List of Army Ranger Darby Queen obstacles
running course
over and under
rope slide
low wall
high wall
low crawl

This February 2011 edition is the most current, fully revised and is currently in use.

In this handbook you will find tactics and techniques used by Army Rangers.

This handbook offers the techniques and tactics that make U.S. Army Rangers the best soldiers in the world.

The United States Army Rangers are U.S. Army soldiers who have served in any unit which has held the official designation of “Ranger”. You can graduate from Ranger School and be called a “Ranger”. You do not have to serve in a Ranger Unit.


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