FitDeck Review for Navy SEAL workout

Just got a hold of a box of the new FitDeck cards and wanted to post up a review of the product. I was really impressed with the quality and how well thought out these playing cards are. They come in a small plastic box so they are portable – just throw them in your backpack and roll.

I knew that the FitDeck cards would be good as I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Black last summer out in SoCal and he is a stand up guy thats in phenomenal fit shape.  Check out this SEALgrinderPT interview with Phil Black and learn more about what he is up to and about the FitDeck Cards.

Video of FitDeck Review for Navy SEAL workout

Check out the FitDeck Navy Seal Exercise Playing Cards

I snagged a bomber workout earlier this week by breaking out the cards and flipping through a few exercises.  Within 20 minutes I was covered in sweat and by chest was pumped from a sweet variety of pushups and situps.  It doesnt take much and that is what is so cool about the FitDeck cards – you know you will always get variety.

Check out this list of workouts you can do with the FitDeck cards.

One of the big things I like is that FitDeck explains each exercise on the cards with text and a drawing.  A quick glance at the card and you know the exercise and your ready to rock. The cards are printed on heavy card stock that has a plastic cover so they are durable and water proof.

Overall I give the FitDeck “Navy SEAL workout” cards a great review and two thumbs up.

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