Gatorz sunglasses coupon code

Check out these coupon codes and discounts for Gatorz sunglasses and save money on your purchase of these awesome glasses.

Military Coupon

If you have served in the Military get your discount.

All Military and first responders get a discount. Click below for more info.

Sign up for the CrossFit Open and take 25% off

Use code CrossFitOnly50 for Gatorz Sunglass – Made in the USA

These sunglasses are becoming the go-to eyewear for CrossFit elites, Navy SEALs and Special Forces in the field.

Question: What about Gatorz vs Wiley X glasses?

Answer: Both are great glasses so I would check first which ones fit your face.

Question: What sunglasses were they wearing in the Lone Survivor movie?

Answer: Those were made by Gatorz.

Question: Do Navy SEAL’s and SOCCOM operators really use these sunglasses?

Answer: Both groups tested these glasses during free fall operations and they worked great. World famous skydiver and Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf wears a pair. Nick Koumalatsos (Marine Raider) and Josh Bridges (former Navy SEAL and CrossFit elite) both wear them.

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