How a Navy SEAL stays Positive While Deployed in a Remote Area

With 80% of the country and all the troops around the world staying at home, I reached out to some fellow SEALs and we shared some of the things we did to stay positive when stuck in bad places.
1st. is the most obvious. We trained. Went through fundamentals, did drills, of course did workouts with the gear we had.
2. We created the best workout tools we could with the gear we had. Sometimes we had to really get creative. The TRX for example was created with nylon webbing while deployed.
3. We kept the jokes flowing. Gotta laugh, that’s a huge part of it. Roasting each other was pretty common.
4. Invented crazy meals with MRE’s. Got creative. Funny story was shared. A bet was made that one guy couldn’t eat the same MRE meal for 45 straight days. Not sure how he did it but it happened. Beef Stew for 45 days straight…
5. It can always be worse! no matter what it can always be worse. that’s the mindset you need to have. Keep positive. Don’t let negative thoughts role through the crew. Gotta make the most of it!
Staying fit while sitting around watching Tiger King on Netflix is now more important than ever. And staying positive. You need micro victories daily.
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Now I need to go feed the pet tigers.


Coach Brad