How I Turned a Massive Failure Into a WIN

winning-athleteMany of you know that I failed out of BUDS my first time through.

I could have made excuses and blamed others and not taken full responsibility.

Anyone can fail at something and then walk away.

That shows a lack of Grit – of committment.

I knew that I was fully committed to finishing the drill 100%.

I aint gonna lie but it was hard.

I took ownership of my problem and I searched hard to find a way to win.

I looked back at all the things I did right and wanted to build on my forward progress.

I also looked at what I did wrong and how I could correct those mistakes.

Problem: I sucked at running and had spent too much time bulking up and lifting weights.

Answer: I stopped lifting weights and ran and biked more and did tons of bodyweight workouts.

Problem: I sucked at math and failed out of the dive physics math test.

Answer: I studied daily for one year while on the ship to get ready to take that test again.

So with my 100% commitment I set out again to get the job done.

It sounds easy when you write it down.

But when we fail we are often hit with confusion and wanting to blame others.

Writing down your failures and a success plan is a key start to get back on the horse.

Are you playing full out 100% and ready to finish the drill?

Or do you play 90% and ready to retreat if one small problem presents itself?

Do you want to learn how to be disciplined and accountable?

Do you want to find out how to achieve all of your goals and getter done?

Read the rest of this SGPT Forward Progress article and tips Here:

If you do this one thing today (assess you failures and forge ahead) you will grow 1% daily today.

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