Temporary Pain or Everlasting Glory?

fat-person-soda-orderWe all make choices in life. In fact we make choices every hour – every minute.

We decide how we want to live our life.

Do we want to be a little cowering %&#@?

Or do we want to be a warrior?

It is pretty obvious that our society is moving towards weakness.

Look around you at the majority of people (sheeple).

They are fat and move slow and complain about everything.

They eat $hittty food loaded with sugar and processed crap.

They play Xbox (sitting in an air conditioned room) for hours and live in a fantasy land.

If the $hit hit the fan they would be the first to be wiped out.

It is easy to get caught up in this world. It is easily accessible and all around us.

Please open your eyes and see this. It is really important.

But every day we have to make a choice.

Will we be sheep people (sheeple) – who only follow the flock and want to eat grass (twinkies)

sheep dogOr will we be the sheep dog (the warrior) who will work hard to protect the flock and keep an eye out for danger.

In order to do this we must go through temporary pain.

Notice how the sheep dog is lean and mean and agile. It can turn on a dime and sprint towards danger if needed.

There is nothing slow about a sheep dog. They get the job done. They live in glory.

What would you rather be? Ask yourself that question.

Daily Action Steps:

#1: Do todays SGPT workout – click here:

#2. Post your results in comments so others can see (accountability).

#3. Eat good clean fuel today

#4. Lose excess un-needed fat and build lean muscle

#5. Read a good positive book for 5 minutes (recommended book list HERE).

#6. Write our your goals and post them on the wall

Email me if you have any questions about any of these steps.

I answer all emails and am here to help you on your journey. brad@sealgrinderpt.com

Will you email me and push yourself forward 1% or will you sit on the couch and feel like $hit?

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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