How to Build Confidence, Eliminate Fear and Be Unstoppable

We get questions all the time on how to build confidence and how to eliminate fears.

Lets face it….

If you have a ton of confidence and no fears you will be able to achieve any goal.

Our confidence can be based on many things including a self perception of who we think we are.

But if you have a huge gnarly burning “WHY” you can overcome any lack of confidence.

At 19 years old I wanted to become a Navy SEAL.

That was a gnarly goal that scared the $hit out of me.

What if I failed?

I had never done anything in my life that would give me the confidence to think I could succeed.

I had not played sports in high school. I was not an honor student.

I was a renegade of sorts as I liked to skateboard and lift weights (an odd combination).

This I suppose gave me some “GRIT”, discipline¬†and a go for it attitude.

I slowly built confidence one day at a time by pushing the edge on my skateboard.

I built discipline one day at a time by hitting the gym and pushing weights.

and my “WHY” grew daily also.

I wanted to stop being a loser going nowhere and become a man with a sense of purpose.

TIP #1: Find Something That Helps You Build Daily Discipline

Reading a positive book or listening to an audio is a great start, especially first thing when you wake up and right before you go to bed.

Get into the habit of moving.

Go for walks on your work breaks and get away from your desk. Buy a couple of kettlebells and do some swings when you get up.

The more you make this a habit the more your mind grows and the more your confidence grows.

The amount of self-confidence you have directly links to how you handle fear.

TIP #2: Slowly Put Yourself in Positive Pressure Situations

Build confidence by adding the kind of stress that builds you up, rather than the kind that tears you down.

Something different from what you might be facing in life.

Positive stress is something like a training program or learning a new skill like Jiu Jitsu or even changing out the oil on your car.

Train and sign up for a GORUCK or Spartan Race event (training tips HERE). How you handle these pressure situations directly link to how you handle pressure at work, at home, on your commute—whatever.

Slamming yourself into a new situation that’s also stressful, even if it’s beneficial, will just create more distress.

Go slow. That way you won’t burn out.

TIP #3: Identify Your Fears and Go at Them Head On

Sharpen your axe (your mind) and go at it like a Viking warrior and burn that fear castle down.

If you’re always letting your fears make your decisions then you’ll never be free from them.

Your fears don’t want you to be confident because then that means you’re running the show.

Fear can keep you sharp, but if you let it take the controls, that’s how you continually crash and burn and feel like you can’t get ahead.

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QUESTION: Coach, what would you say as a SEAL it means to be fearless? Does it mean you’re never scared? How can I become that way?

ANSWER: Fearlessness isn’t the same thing as not being scared.

It’s what you do with the fear that matters.

Check out this article I wrote to explain how we defined fearlessness on the teams: How to be Fearless.

Question: How can I find out more info on joining the Navy SEALs?

Answer: Check out the main website here:



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