How to make a Tire sled DIY tips

A workout sled should be on your list for your garage gym. A sled can help you build your posterior chain (lower back, glutes, hamstring) to increase your functional fitness.

How to make a sled for pulling – out of an old tire and rope.

Tip #1: Drill a hole in an old used tire. Or cut a hole with a sharp knife (be careful). Thread the rope or webbing through the hole. Tie a knot or two in the end of the rope at tire. A bigger tire can make it much harder to pull. You can add a scrap piece of wood inside the tire and add a sandbag if you want to increase the weight.

One of my favorites sleds is an old bobcat tire with a piece of webbing ran through it. We did sprints uphill on asphalt. Those were hard workouts and left your legs burning.

Check out this video with more tips on how to build at sled for pulling with a tire and some chain

If you have a piece of chain that will do much better and not wear through like a rope. The chain can also add some weight to the system.

Check out our SGPT Facebook group here and post a photo up of your workout sled.

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