I feel bloated like a pig after Thanksgiving meal how do I cure it?

bloated-belly-thanksgivingQuestion of the Week:
Coach, I feel like a bloated pig after stuffing my face all Thanksgiving weekend. What do I do to get back on track? Jimmy C.

Great question brother, check out these tips to help you feel better by the end of the day.

TIP #1:
goruck-girlGo out on a walk or ruck hike.

Just grab your ruck with a few pounds and extra water and go hike.

This will not only help you clear your head and get your blood flowing but also you will want to drink more water.

Plus you know you want to try out that new GORUCK pack that you just bought early for your own Christmas present.

TIP #2
hot-yogaHot yoga. If you are turning up your nose on the “yoga” word think twice.

You can go slow and sit in the back of the room and go at your own pace.

Just moving your body in a hot room will get your circulation going and sweating out all of that excess salt you ingested.

The deep breathing side of yoga is the added bonus as you will be replacing old air for new air and your lungs and blood cells will love it. Lets be honest though – hot girls go to hot yoga.

TIP #3
Green Tea.
green-tea-onnitI know you want to go and drink a beer right now after all that rucking and hot yoga.

But hold off there honcho and lets down a Matcha green tea together.

Matcha green tea has anti-oxidants and supports healthy weight loss.

It delivers caffeine in a different way so that you are less jittery and way more calm.

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