Improve Your Body and Mind with Grinder PT

It has been said that hard physical training is a cornerstone for developing mental toughness. But many times we find ourselves without access to a fancy weight room and gymnasium. What is an athlete to do?

What if I told you that you have all the resources for a top notch gym right under your nose? Got a basketball court nearby? A playground? How about a 3 ft wide by 7 ft long space half the size of a prison cell?


An overlooked area that is often found in our local playgrounds can be transformed into your own gym is a flat concrete area.

Prisoners have known about this concept for years as they have turned the prison yard into their workout gym. A concrete “grinder” has been used for decades to transform warriors in the elite Navy SEAL training.

The daily routine of calisthenics takes place on an asphalt parking area known as “The Grinder”. This area is surrounded by pull up bars and dip bars and serves as the gym mat for physical evolutions. So – What is Grinder PT?

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At Navy SEAL training (BUD/S) the daily physical training (aka PT) is started in the early hours of the morning as a warmup for the day. The workouts on the grinder are tough and relentless but serve the purpose of shaping the foundation of the warriors known as Navy SEAL’s.

Workouts begin with stretching and progress to a wide variety of pushups, sit-ups, and squats before returning to a cool off stretch. Workouts are typically an hour and followed by pull ups, dips and a run down the beach or to the chow hall.

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The workouts change slightly from week to week but in general stay similar with stretching, calisthenics, pull ups, dips and running.

A typical workout may look like this:
5 sets of warmup exercises (shoulders, arms, back)
10 sets of variety pushups alternating with more stretching
5 sets of ab and core exercises
5 sets of cool down stretches

Here is a great example of a Grinder PT workout – click here:

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As the weeks progress, the athlete is required to add repetitions in the same way you could add reps or add a weight vest.

Don’t underestimate the power of The Grinder to shape and build you mentally. Just like Mr. T (Clubber Lang)doing pull ups from ropes in his closet and gutting it out in a hot sweaty boxing gym all while Rocky trained in a luxurious Globo Gym. The Grinder is a rough place to train.

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The concrete can be sweltering hot in the summer and ice cube cold in the winter. It is rough textured and dirty and hurts the hands. That is what you want – to train the mind to look over the small distractions. The point is that part of mental toughness is being “comfortable” in an uncomfortable spot.

You have to find your Grinder whether it is a local playground basketball court, your garage, a prison cell or your driveway and being to hone your body and mind.

Check out this workout straight from one of my favorite Grinders at SEALFIT. Click here to check out this this killer workout:

So get out there and find your Grinder and improve your body and mind with Grinder PT.

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