Is the New Year Giving You FITS?

by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine
crossfit goalSo, if you set a New Year’s resolution, are you sure it is the right target for you to tackle?

I have found that it is easy to set pie-in-the-sky goals for the New Year, then watch them fade into the rear view mirror because they were not well defined or did not get “stuck with” long enough to make the change, or see mission success. But an even bigger reason for failure is that it was not the right target to be shooting at in the first place.

In my new best selling book The Way of SEAL, I introduce a simple tool for ensuring that you select the right targets to avoid this challenge. I offer the tool to you now in the hopes that it can help you zero in on the right targets, especially if reality is already causing you to re-think your original plan!

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Reach Your Goals Quicker with an Unbeatable Mind

Here is the process, which I call FITS (as in make sure your target “FITS” your mission). FITS is an acronym for Fit, Importance, Timing and Simplicity:

#1. Fit: Does the target you’re considering fit you and your team in terms of the best use of talent, time, and energy? What will it cost to engage this target, and does the return on investment (ROI) make it worth the effort?

#2. Importance: How important is the target to your broader purpose (or in the case of an organization, your strategic mission)? What effect will mission accomplishment have on you? On your competitors?

#3. Timing: Is the timing right to go after this target? Are you too early or too late? Are you ready? Can you find and reach the target, and how is the competition going to respond when you reach it?

#4. Simplicity: Is the target simple and clear? Is it something you can achieve without degrading your reputation, future capacities, or the team cohesiveness?

I recommend you use the FITS process to rank your goals / targets / resolutions and then narrow them down to just executing on ONE at a time (your ONE primary target related to your ONE primary mission). The combination of narrowing your focus and selecting the right targets will help you accomplish anything you set your mind to in 2014.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Coach Mark Divine

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