SEALFIT Mind Training

By Coach Mark Divine, Navy SEAL

SEALfit mind training mark divineI was stoked to see a well researched article today about the state of MIND TRAINING in the military featuring a former member of our US CrossFit/SEALFIT Training Center, Doug Johnson. Doug is a psychologist at the Naval Health Research Center’s Warfighter Performance Lab in San Diego who has been studying the brains of SEALs as they train and do cool SEAL stuff.

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His research is at the vanguard of a growing body of evidence that is proving what we already know at SEALFIT/Unbeatable Mind: Breathing, meditation, visualization, positivity and micro goals all work together to develop mental and emotional resiliency, making the warrior a better warfighter and leader.

Why am I excited about something that I already know is true, having proven it on thousands of trainees at SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind? Well, for a couple reasons:

I don’t have to conduct the research myself.

It will finally provide fodder to convince those who won’t believe anything unless there is scientific proof – even if there is ample experiential proof.

And finally, because it is vital to our warfighters to integrate this type of training into the military training model to develop the warrior of the 21st century.

Here is the article’s conclusion: “Though brain-training programs are still gaining traction in the military, mental-fitness regimens may soon be as much a part of a soldier’s life as push-ups and running. In America’s Long War, the new field of discovery is the brain. Like learning a foreign language or mastering a sport, optimizing the brain is slow and tedious work, with results harder to quantify than traditional metrics of military training, such as counting sit-ups or holes in targets at a rifle range. But the potential is profound. This is training that can bring relief for the injured, and more control over chaos for those still fighting.”

Hooyah Doug et al! Click here for the article.

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