IT Band Stretching and Recovery Tips

Check out these videos and tips for stretching your IT band so that you can continue your workouts.

The IT band is a multipurpose tendon that runs down the length of the outer thigh, from the top of the pelvis (ilium) to the shin bone (tibia)

I personally suffer from a tight IT band and it has completely shut me down on long endurance mountain bike rides many miles from home.

I have found that stretching the IT band during the week for maintenance and after I warm up on the bike for a few miles has really helped me to avoid the pain and keep on biking and hiking.

Yoga stretch

TIP #1
A few stretches that I have found to be super helpful is the yoga pose called “Pigeon” and also the pose shown in the video above. Another is to sit on the floor with your knees locked and try to touch the outside edges of your feet on each side. You can really feel the stretch from these movements.

More stretches

I personally use a EMS unit on active recovery mode which helps to increase blood flow and loosen up the tightened muscle.

Below check out my favorite yoga pose which is the “pigeon”.

Question: Coach; do you have a good mobility workout that you do to get warmed up?

Answer: Yes; check out the SGPT Warmups here:


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