Lean and Mean – Grinder Strength Nutrition Plan

Lean and Mean – Grinder Strength Nutrition Plan

How to Shred Fat, Build Muscle and Be Ready for Anything at AnyTime.

Tired of hauling a spare tire around your waist?

Feeling sluggish and tired?

Want to incinerate fat like it is melted butter?

Check out this nutrition plan to help you kick start your active lifestyle and keep you motor running.


What is the Paleo Diet?

For 2.5 million years, early man foraged and hunted for seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and seeds. This period of time before the development of agriculture is known as the Paleolithic era. The Paleo diet is also known as the Stone Age diet, hunter- gathering diet and the caveman diet. No matter what you call our ancestors, some things haven’t changed. Man’s digestive systems have evolved only the slightest amount in the 10,000 years since farming changed our diets. Shortened to Paleo, the modern diet is an approach to nutrition that mimics the early man’s diet for ultimate health.

Our minds are modern, but our bodies and brains still need the same food.

Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin first popularized the Paleo diet in the 19 70’s. He argued in, “The Stone Age Diet,” humans as carnivores, chiefly needs fats, proteins and a small amount of carbohydrates for optimum performance. For the last 30 years, obesity has been increasing in the United States. Our modern diets are laden with preservatives, processed sugars, and fried foods. Today’s health crisis has led to a renewed interest in Voegtlin’s tested approach to healthy living.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The advantages of the Paleo Diet have been researched and proven in numerous academic journals. It is amazing how changing what we put in our mouths can cause dramatic changes in our quality of life.

o Lose fat- Though the Paleo diet is designed as a weight loss plan people inherently lose weight. The foods that make up the Paleo diet are what we call fat burning foods. In fact, the Paleo diet allows you to eat large

quantities of delicious food while restricting calories. The result is a lean, fit body.

  • Fight Disease- The Paleo diet is proven to help prevent diabetes, Parkinson’s, avoid Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease and strokes.


  • Improve Digestion- Many digestive problems such as, irritable bowel

syndrome, Crohn’s disease and indigestion can be avoided.

  • Combats Acne – Eating the Paleo way means avoiding the foods that cause acne. When sebum is overproduced or obstructed the sebaceous glands enlarge and form pimples. Foods in the Paleo diet do not cause the insulin spikes that cause a sebum boost. As a result, you can expect smoother, more attractive skin.

o Feel Good- Not only does the Paleo diet help people healthier and look younger it also makes you feel better. Paleo supporters swear by the caveman lifestyle because it just “feels” right. The only way to find out the energy and confidence they experience is to try it for yourself.

Diet Basics

People assume the Paleo Diet is complicated are difficult to follow. It is actually quite simple. Eat real foods. For a guideline on portions, 56 – 65% of your calories should come from animals, 36 – 45% from plant based foods. Keep proteins high at 19-35% carbohydrates at 22-40% and fat at 28-58%.

What to Eat

Eating a Paleo Diet is more about experimenting than limitations. Mother Nature provides a large variety of delicious foods to explore. Instead of settling for a box of processed macaroni and cheese, feast on a meal that excites your taste buds and your energy level. Here is a small list of the many foods to incorporate into your diet.


Meat Beef Veal Pork

Lamb Goat


Pheasant Deer Duck

Wild Turkey Rabbit

Poultry Goose

Chicken Turkey Quail Duck



Salmon Trout

Halibut Sole

Shellfish Lobster Shrimp

Scallops Crab



Chicken eggs Goose eggs Duck eggs Quail eggs

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Rabbit Sheep

Wild Boar Bison


Woodcock Elk


Haddock Turbot Cod

Mussels Oysters


Walleye Flatfish Grouper

Mackerel Herring Anchovy


Standards Cauliflower



Bell Peppers



Green Onions


Brussels Sprout


Green Leafy

Collard Greens

Lettuce Spinach


Beet Top Dandelion

Swiss Chard

Mustard Greens


Turnip Greens


Butternut Spaghetti


Pumpkin Zucchini

Yellow Summer

Buttercup Crookneck


Turnips Carrots





Sweet Potatoes





Oyster Button







Asparagus Cucumber








Nuts & Seeds
Fresh & Dry


Olive Oil Avocado

Coconut Oil


Oranges Bananas

Brazil Nuts

Pistachios Sunflower


Cayenne Pepper

Chilies Ginger

Parsley Thyme


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Clarified Butter



Veal Fat Duck Fat

Coconut Flesh

Nut Oils

Nut Butter

Lamb Fat


Cranberry Grapefruit








Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Seeds



Macadamia Nuts

Pine Nuts Chestnuts






Black Pepper Hot Peppers

Star Anise

Mustard Seeds

Fennel Seeds


Turmeric Cinnamon




Tarragon Oregano


Bay Leaves







Paprika Nutmeg

Cloves Vanilla

Foods to Eliminate

The main foods to eliminate are processed foods, the largest source of toxicity and malnutrition. Processed foods are the easiest items to eat these days, and we eat entirely too much. Grains that form the base of sandwich breads, cereals and pasta have no place in the Paleo Diet. Also, the processed fats and vegetable seed oils are also counterproductive to our health. Legumes, especially soy, and vegetable seed oils should be banished from your diet. There are no refined sugars little dairy and absolutely no processed foods in the Paleo plan.

Tips for the Paleo Lifestyle

Unfortunately, the cheapest and quickest foods available today are usually the least nutritious. Our busy lifestyles have our kids raised on a diet of processed and fast foods. The popular culture even makes eating real foods an odd concept. Even knowing the proven benefits, some never try the Paleo diet because they believe it is too difficult. Living a long, healthy fulfilling life is well worth a few small changes. While not as easy as stopping at a drive through, maintaining a Paleo lifestyle is realistic with a few tips.

Stay Organized- The number one tip is to be organized and prepared. The biggest challenge will be to have Paleo foods available at your home and plan your meals. You are much more likely to eat healthy food choices if it is readily available at home.

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Change How You Shop – Find the best farmers markets, butchers and grocery stores in your area. Before going to the grocery have a list of items you plan to pick up. Also, shop the perimeter of grocery stores to avoid the aisles filled with processed foods. This may be difficult at first, but after a month or so you will know longer feel a need to peruse the sugar aisles.

Clean Your Pantry- Clear your cupboards of all the cereals, pasta, and processed foods in your cabinets. Don’t worry. You will replace these foods with mu ch more satisfying fresh and healthy foods.

Learn to Work the Kitchen- Unlike a diet based on grains, there are many foods to eat on the Paleo Diet you should never become bored. The best way to take advantage of everything nature has to offer is to learn how to cook. By combining the diverse flavors, there is an endless amount of tasty dishes to excite your taste buds.

Dress Your Food- Most of the condiments on the store shelves are filled with preservatives. However, you can enhance the flavor of your foods by making your own condiments at home. Ketchup, mustard, salad dressings and sauces can be made at home naturally with delicious results.

Exercise- Just changing your eating habits will cause you to lose weight naturally on the Paleo Diet. Add exercise to the mix, and you will be amazed at how quickly you notice a difference. Your true, toned physique will come out as pounds shed. You will also notice the amount of energy increased compared to when you ate a traditional diet. Start feeling strong, energetic, mentally sharper and all around younger.

Join Support System – Find chat rooms and forums where like-minded people meet. Participate at a gym where the Paleo Diet is the main lifestyle choice. It is nice to share ideas on the best Paleo books, and even give advice on keeping true to the diet plan. Joining a community online or in person is extremely motivating

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when you learn about how the other member’s lives improved just from staying true to the Paleo way.

Paleo Friendly Desserts

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with the Paleo Diet plan is desserts. Most desserts have unnatural sweeteners and starchy carbs that spike insulin levels. Most sweet treats are a recipe for disaster. However, with kids, special celebrations and Birthdays sometimes a sweet treat is in order. There are some very tasty Paleo desserts that can help you transition fully into the Paleo lifestyle without indulging in bad choices or having a gluten stomachache. While it is not a good idea to eat desserts after every meal, Paleo friendly desserts can stop hardcore cravings from your pre-Paleo days. Here is a list of whole food substitutions you can use to whip delicious Paleo friendly desserts together.

Almond flour- Grinding almonds create nutritious, high protein flour perfect for making muffins breads and of course, traditional macaroons.

Raw Honey – Because honey can be eaten straight from the tree, it is considered a true Paleo sweetener. Though it is a whole food, honey is highly caloric and does spike the insulin level, so leave sparingly. However, honey is the perfect sugar substitute.

Cocoa- Unsweetened dark chocolate has nutritious antioxidants and sticks to the limited dairy rules. Opt for the natural cocoa over the Dutch processed version that loses its benefits during processing.

Pure Vanilla Extract – Pure vanilla extract is a staple in any bakers cupboard. Just make sure to buy the pure stuff not the cheap flavoring.

Coconut Oil- Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, which means it transfers directly to the liver where it is used for energy instead of being stored directly as

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fat. It also stimulates the thyroid gland helping speed up metabolism. Coconut oil adds a subtle sweetness to cobblers pancakes and other baked recipes.

Coconut Milk- A great dairy substitute, coconut milk contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is proven to fight influenza, herpes, HIV as well as improve the immune system. Use coconut oil to make ice cream, hot cocoa, pudding, and even egg nog.

Nuts – Nuts are loaded with good fats the bodies need. Hazelnuts, pecans, macademians and almonds are lifesavers in the kitchen. Use nuts for pie crusts, candies or even as simple spiced nut blend.

Frozen Fruit- Freeze berries to make easy desserts. Use them to make rich frothy smoothies or sorbet. Frozen grapes and cherries taste delicious straight from the freezer. Try frozen bananas on a stick or blended down for a creamy ice cream experience.

Dates- Dates are natural sweeteners that do not add its own flavor like honey.

They contain simple sugars like dextrose and fructose that are easy to digest and replenish your energy. Blend dates in the food processor with wet ingredients when baking. They also work well for binding snack bars.


The Paleo Diet is proven to shed pounds and have a healthier life. Add exercise to the mix and you can achieve the lean, sexy bodies seen on fitness models. Despite popular belief, the Paleo lifestyle is not restrictive and can actually open your palette to a whole new world of culinary experiences. There are a variety of high quality cookbooks and website that will help you along the way. Once you experience the transformation you will wonder how you ever functioned. Get the most of your life and enjoy optimum fitness with the Paleo diet plan.

Top Ten Paleo Diet Tips

#1 Enjoy eating Paleo.

Video -Top Ten Paleo Diet Tips with CrossFit Chris Spealler

Check out Steve’s Paleokits at Rogue Fitness

#2 Pre Cook your food.

Video – Top Ten Paleo Diet Tips

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#3. Cook more food than you need and store the rest for later.

Video – Top Ten Paleo Diet Tips

Check out these tips from Paleo Diet In a Box

#4. Eat in moderation foods outside of the Paleo diet.

Paleo on a Budget by Robb Wolf

Check out Rogue Fitness Monster Bands

#5 Don’t keep any junk food in your house.

Video – Our Paleo Kitchen

Performance Hip and Lower Back Kit

#6 Don’t run out of food.

Check out the Rumble Roller from Rogue Fitness

#7 Plan your meals for the whole week.

Video – Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution

#8 Keep a can of tuna or a meal replacement protein shake in case you need a snack. Don’t be tempted to unnecessarily get off diet.

#9. Learn how to use spices to flavor your food.

#10 Eat lots of colorful veggies.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition by Stew Smith

Nutrition – The Fundamentals of Eating Right for More Energy

On average, when people stop exercising and no longer care about what they eat, they can gain five to ten pounds a year. That is why in five short years, people step on a scale and cannot believe they are nearly FIFTY pounds overweight. Weight has a way of sneaking up on you over time. You do not get overweight overnight and you do not lose the weight overnight either. Both take time, but fortunately losing weight can be faster if you follow a strict nutritional and exercise plan. Both take only minutes a day.

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Here are a few eating tips TO LOSE FAT and some ideas on quick exercises routines to try when time is limited:

1) Lay off the fast food – Before you go on a trip or a long day at work, try to eat before you leave and pack a lunch. Foods high in protein mixed with a natural carbohydrate are great energy meals. Try a lean turkey or chicken sandwich with vegetables like lettuce and tomato. Try mustard and limit mayo for reduced calories. Fruits are great quick snacks too. Try apples, oranges, bananas for natural sources of energy.
2)Wake up and burn some calories – As busy days pile up with more and more obligations, the scheduled 5:00 pm workout can easily get bumped! Make thirty minutes of exercise fit into your mornings and do some type of workout.

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  • Try biking, walking, or running for 30 minutes

  • Go to your gym or TV workout video for a quick circuit routine

  • Try calisthenics like jumping jacks / pushups / crunch routine and jumping jacks / squats / lunges / crunches

  • Try using dumbbells for arms and shoulders

  • Another Tip – if you do not schedule a workout – it does not exist!!

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3)Don’t wait – Start NOW! – Why wait? When you can, you should try to eat at regularly scheduled times during the day. Healthy snacks and meals will carry you through your stressful days much better than skipping meals or binge eating. You will find that if you keep a good schedule, you will lose weight and inches. Add exercise to the plan and you will also get fit and feel better than you have in years. Try an eating schedule of the following recommended times:
i. 0630 – breakfast
ii. 0930 – morning snack
iii. 1230 – lunch
iv. 1530 – afternoon snack
v. 1830 – dinner

If your days are longer than 15 to 18 hours you should try another light snack at 2100 (9:00 pm) of foods like yogurt, grapes, milk. Other snacks during the day can be salads, fruits, lean meats, small sandwiches, boiled eggs and others. See chart on next page for better ideas on what to eat during the day and before and after exercise sessions.

4) Walk more for greater fat burn– When safety is not an issue, try to walk farther than normal when going about your normal day. Burning a few more calories by walking is one of the easiest ways to walk off that extra weight. Just twenty minutes of brisk walking can burn over 100 to 150 calories.

5)Keep working the abdominal region – Not with food but with exercises like crunches, sit ups, and lower back stretches. When you do these exercises for just 5 to 10 minutes daily, it is easier to remember to watch your food intake and stop yourself from gorging.

Overall, it is important to keep up the habit of moving more and eating better foods for you. These tips can help you prevent unneeded weight gain. If you limit too much of a macro-nutrient you will see decrease in athletic performances so keep up with carbs, protein, and fats.

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See Fundamentals of Nutrition Chart below:

The Fundamentals of Nutrition OPTIONS

Morning Meal

(Serving = the size of your hand)

Eat 2 to 3 servings of any

*minimal – 1 quart water

Proteins – boiled egg whites, yogurt, milk, lean meats, protein shake, veges w/eggs

Carb/Protein mix – some fruits like grapes, bananas, blueberries – cereal with milk…

Mid Morning Meal

Eat 1 serving

Protein/carb meal bar, boiled egg, Go-Gurt, Tuna…

Fruit salad, apple, orange, banana etc…


1 qt water

Chicken, tuna, fish, lean meat sandwich on grain bread

mix meat with salad

Mixed salads with variety of vegetables – green leafy lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onion

Mid Afternoon Meal

1 quart water

Optional – peanuts, almonds that are high calories / good fats

Optional – juice, fruit, vegetable – small salad

Evening Meal

1 qt water

Lean chicken, fish, meat, broiled NOT FRIED

Large Salad – above


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Pre – Post Workout Meals

Before Your Cardio Workout

Before Your Lifting or PT Workout

Carbohydrates – 75 – 100%

Carbohydrates 75% & Protein 25%

Prior to running, swimming, biking etc…at medium to high intensity levels for 30-40 minutes, it is best to eat a small snack to boost sugar levels in your body especially if your workout is before your morning meal. After a night of sleeping and not eating for over 10-12 hours, you need a boost to help you get through the workout. Fruit or fruit juice is fine 20 minutes prior to workout and during is fine. Foods with small amounts of protein can be eaten pre-workout and will help post workout requirements of protein too.

Sample Ideas for pre-workout snack are:

1-2 hours prior to lifting eat protein foods and carbohydrates so the protein is there for you after the workout. Lifting weights and doing high repetition calisthenics will break down your muscles and require protein immediately after your workout – within 30 minutes. Foods high in carbohydrates to replace the loss of glycogen stores are needed within this time too.

For a great rule of thumb – after you workout eat protein, carbohydrates and minimize fatty foods.

Foods that should be considered are:

Bananas, apples, oranges, carrots, juice, some sports drinks, (any fruit of choice really).

Before workouts longer than 30 to 40 minutes, add some protein to stabilize absorption rates so you can last longer:

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Eat the following about 1-2 hours prior to exercise: Yogurt, protein drink, chocolate milk, boiled egg, slice of meat or cheese, a meal replacement bar as a snack

Sip water and carbohydrate drink (juice) throughout the workout

Pre-workout ideas for weightlifters and boot camp style PT’ers:

Bananas, berries, boiled eggs, tuna fish,

Fruit Drink / Protein / Carb bar is an option

Protein or carb replacement drinks are great if post workout occurs mid-day or early morning. See above meal options for protein and carbohydrates sources and these below:

Tuna, chicken, boiled eggs, and green leafy salads with tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, onions, and light dressing or oil.

Post Workout Meals

The key is to replace carbohydrates and electrolytes lost during the workout – drink juice or chocolate milk immediately after workout IF you lost several pounds during the workout. A banana, kiwi, or potato will replace the electrolytes just as well.

I like to eat a can of chicken noodle soup after a tough workout where I lose 5-10 lbs of sweat in humid or arid environments. The soup offers potassium, sodium, calcium, carbs, and protein all rolled into one meal!

Another important factor is to add protein to help rebuild muscles – see above meal / snack ideas within 30 minutes of workouts for optimal recovery / growth.

Note – this chart applies to active teens as well but as a growing adolescent athlete you should be focused on eating to grow stronger not on the aesthetics side of fitness which can dehydrate you and potentially stunt growth.

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olive oil
coconut oil
balsamic vinegar
1 can tomato sauce 1 jar marinara sauce 1 can tuna

toasted sesame oil
tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) dijon mustard


2-3 dozen eggs
2-3 pounds skinless chicken

1 lb wild-caught salmon
1 rotisserie chicken
3 lb pork loin
6 oz sliced ham
2 lb ground beef or turkey
2-3 lb deli turkey
1 lb beef tip steak
1 package nitrate free sausages 10 oz shrimp
1 lb ground lamb
1 lb halibut or other white fish


bag of onions
several bell peppers
red leaf lettuce
several tomatoes
bag of apples
1 lb green beans
a few oranges
a few bags of mixed greens 1 spaghetti squash
1-2 lbs broccoli
bag of carrot sticks
quart of strawberries
1 small head cabbage several lemons
1 head garlic
1 bunch asparagus
1 bag frozen berry mix
1 bag broccoli slaw
1 sweet potato


walnuts macadamia nuts


cumin oregano rosemary
sea salt pepper
basil cinnamon mustard seeds turmeric










unsweetened applesauce olive oil
balsamic vinegar

almond butter
coconut milk
chili oil
chicken broth
1 can El Pato tomato sauce curry sauce

cashew or macadamia nut butter
vanilla extract
coconut oil

1 can of artichoke hearts
1 12 oz package kelp noodles


6 oz sliced deli ham
3 lbs chicken breasts
2 dozen eggs
1 rotisserie chicken
1 lb ground meat
1 lb tip steak
1 lb ground pork
1.5 lbs tilapia filets
10 oz smoked deli turkey
2 lbs chicken thighs
2 moroccan lamb sausages 1 package bacon


1-2 heads broccoli
1 head cauliflower
bag of carrots
a few tomatoes
a few plums
several bell peppers
1-2 avocados
a few bags mixed greens
a few oranges
2-3 yellow squash
1 bag broccoli slaw
a few lemons
1 head garlic
1 lb beets
a few apples
2 red onions
2 medium cucumbers
1/2 cup green beans
1 small piece fresh ginger
1 bunch chives or green onions 1 red bell pepper
2 small zucchini
1 peach
1 bag spinach


walnuts almonds cashews
pine nuts macadamia nuts


cinnamon thyme mustard seeds cumin turmeric

curry powder tarragon
garlic powder onion powder bunch fresh cilantro coriander

salt & pepper dill
mustard powder paprika










apple cider vinegar
olive oil
1 can of sardines
1 6 oz can tomato paste 3 14 oz can tomato sauce beef broth

chicken broth
1 can salmon
cocoa powder
roasted hazelnut oil unsweetened applesauce balsamic vinegar coconut milk

coconut oil


1 package lamb sausages 1 package chicken apple

1 package bacon
1-2 dozen eggs
1 lb flank steak
1 bag pre cooked shrimp 1 turkey breast
4 lb ground beef, turkey or

6 oz chicken breast
3-5 lbs meat, ground or whole 1/2 lb ground turkey
1/2 lb spicy sausage
1/2 lb shrimp


a few bags of mixed greens or spinach

a few bell peppers a few tomatoes
a few avocados
2 oranges

2 carrots
1 lemon
3 apples
1/2 cup berries celery

a few onions
1 head garlic
2 lbs green beans
1 head cabbage
2 bag frozen mixed veggies 1 quart strawberries
1 bunch swiss chard
1 head cauliflower


blanched almonds cashews


ground cloves
salt & pepper rosemary
chili powder mustard powder sesame seeds bunch fresh parsley coriander

cajun seasoning bay leaf cayenne pepper










olive oil
almond butter
2 cans tuna
coconut milk
chicken or beef broth
1 can salmon
dijon mustard
balsamic vinegar
tamari (wheat-free soy cauce) 1 can water chestnuts cashew butter
1 jar marinara sauce


1-2 dozen eggs 1 lb deli turkey 1/2 lb sausages 1 lb salmon

1 lb chicken breast
1 lb steak
a few large slices of ham 1 lb pork loin
1 lb ground meat
1 lb sea scallops
1 large italian sausage


1 cup berries
1 small head cabbage
1 head broccoli
2 avocados
2-3 bags spinach/mixed greens celery
2 bags frozen mixed veggies
1 bag carrots
a few apples


salad fixings (tomatoes, peppers, etc)

3 portobello mushrooms a few onions
1 head of garlic
1 head of lettuce

1 medium zucchini
1 medium summer squash 1 red onion
1-2 yams/sweet potatoes a few lemons
8 cups – mix of kale, chard,

1 bunch asparagus
1 delicata squash
1 package mushrooms
1 small acorn squash
2 sweet chocolate peppers or

pasilla peppers
1/2 cup grape tomatoes 1 red bell pepper
1/4 cup cauliflower
1 serrano pepper


almonds walnuts pine nuts almonds


pepper thyme
curry powder cumin

garlic powder oregano
fennel seed
1 bunch fresh cilantro 1 bunch fresh parsley



To whatever degree “The Paleo Solution” has been helpful to people is actually just an outgrowth of how helpful many thousands of people have been in the process of writing the book, blogging and generating the podcast. My interaction with folks has allowed me to take the concept of Paleo nutrition and refine it’s application to nearly any situation: fat loss, muscle gain, disease reversal. It’s almost like this stuff works!

Well, it works, but only dependant upon some simple circumstances: If/when you choose do it. That’s what the Food Matrix is about, the doing of Paleo nutrition. I came upon this idea from an “inspiring” moment provided by one of our clients. We’ll call her “Lysa.” Lysa is a bright woman, quite successful in her chosen profession, but she was Hell-bent on failing at her training and nutrition. Lysa had an excuse for everything. Ironically however, this lack of flexibility on Lysa’s part became some of the best inspiration I have had and provided ideas that have helped tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people.

So here is the deal:
Lysa came into the gym one day and the following exchange ensued:

Lysa: “I’m bored.”
Me: (internally-OH GOD…here we go…) Externally- “Hey Lysa, Bored with what?” Lysa: Huge inhale and then the following was said in one breath, nearly one polysyllabic word…it’s like she started speaking German: “I’m-just-bored-with-eating-this-way.”
Me: “ughhh…could you flesh that out for me?”
Lysa: “I’m just bored with this whole Paleo thing.” Lysa said Paleo the way a Southern revivalist preacher might say porno. It was a dirty, dirty word.
Me: “how often do you eat a sandwich?”
Lysa: “Almost every day.”
Me: “Do you find that boring?”
Lysa: Said as if I am the biggest idiot in the world: “Well, of course not, sandwiches have bread.”
Me: Internally: “God, please kill me where I stand.”

As you might guess, I did not make much progress with Lysa. But I did learn something that has allowed me to call BS on the “I’m bored” notion. Folks are either carb addicted (like Lysa) lazy, or both. Lazy? Like, unmotivated? YEP. Isn’t that being mean and judgmental?

No, it’s being honest and insightful after working with people for over a decade. People often make this Paleo thing far more difficult than it needs to be and come up with a dizzying array of excuses. I’m going to do my best to make sure you do not fall into some of these traps and oddly enough, Lysa will help me.





To dispel the notion that you are bored (and to show you how easy it is to make fantastic meals quickly AND with few ingredients) we will consider a few items we can get from virtually any supermarket. Perhaps a few items are exotic, DO NOT split hairs. If your local supermarket is missing a few of these items it does not invalidate the concept. Ok, let’s consider our food options and after the introduction of the food matrix we can consider how to customize this for your specific needs.

The Food Matrix is actually Lysa’s gift to the world and here is how it works:








VEGETABLES (24)  page2image11336.pngFATS (5)





page2image14296.pngHERBS & SPICES (25)




Chicken breast Chicken thigh Flounder Snapper

Halibut Mackerel Bass
Salmon steak Salmon fillet Shrimp

New York steak Rib eye steak Round steak Ground beef Beef ribs

Rump roast Beef stew meat Pork loin
Pork chop Pork ribs
Baby back ribs Bacon
Pork roast Lamb chops Lamb rack Venison steaks




Asparagus Avocado Artichoke hearts Brussels sprouts Beets*Carrots Celery Daikon Zucchini Fennel Root KaleChard
Dandelion greens Spinach
Acorn Squash* Butternut Squash* Yam*
Sweet Potato* Red pepper
Yellow pepper Green pepper
Red cabbage Green cabbage Napa cabbage


Coconut oil Olive oil Macadamia oil Avocado oil Lard



Basil Cardamom Cinnamon Celery seed Dill Fenugreek Garlic
Ginger Curry-Red Curry-Green Curry-Yellow Oregano Cillantro Nutmeg Rosemary Thyme
Garam Masala Bay LeafSalt
Herbs de Provance Chili powder Paprika
Black pepper







So that leaves us 27-proteins, 24-veggies, 5-fats and 25-herbs & spices. If we take one item from each column we get 27x24x5x25= 81,000 DIFFERENT meals. Divide that by 365 (1 different meal per day) and you will not see the same meal for 221 YEARS. I hope paleo works really well, because you will need to establish a new human longevity record to ever see the same dinner…and this simply from the short list of meals listed above.

Most of these meals can be prepared in the following manner:
Put some oil in a pan.
2: Brown some meat in that oil for a minute
3: If you are using a hearty herb/spice like ginger, add it before the meat, if it’s delicate like basil, add it when the dish is almost done.

4: Add veggies.
5: Stir it a time or two, cover and set a timer for 5-10 min. 6: If it’s done, eat! If not, set a timer again.

This process is how I cook better than 90% of my meals, and they turn out GREAT. You can see some of this on The Road Forager: Home Cooking videos. What this all boils down to is “boredom” does NOT exist. Laziness might, boredom, absolutely not. We are not even considering combo meals, with multiple spices, veggies etc. There is, in fact a nearly infinite number of meal combinations, just in this matrix. We are not even considering ethnic foods, fusion cooking or considerations of cooking techniques like braising vs. baking vs. broiling.

Do you have specific goals like fat loss or mass gain? Check out the sample meal plans. Who knows, maybe even buy my book.

Giddy-up Buttercup! Now that your excuses are done, it’s time to go cook.

Below you’ll find a blank Food Matrix chart that you can print out and fill in with proteins, vegetables, fats, herbs and spices that you and your family enjoy to customize meals based on that. But don’t limit yourself, get out there and try some new things. Throwing one new ingredient into the mix can change the whole game for that meal.

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Personal fitness training from Brad McLeod, Navy Seal and CrossFit Level 1 instructor. Delivered online, directly to you.

"I recommend Brad to anyone that seriously wants to go to BUDs or anything else in life... try these workouts. Hooyah!" - Chris H.

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