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navy-seal-backDo you want to build a body like a Navy SEAL?

Lean and mean and ready for anything at anytime?

Cut down a few pounds and stop being tired?

Want to have extra energy for your workouts?

How about losing unneeded unhealthy fat at the same time?

Lose 10 lbs of fat? Gain lean muscle? Stop being tired?

Which one would you prefer?


Being overweight and out of shape and tired?

Or being lean and mean and ready to go the long haul?

Here is the fat burning muscle building energy SOLUTION

#1. Email sent to you daily

#2. Evaluation/ photo and weigh in

#3. Daily workout and nutrition tips

#4. Facebook group for accountability and daily tips

#5. Email me questions anytime 24/7

I personally lost 20 lbs in 60 days and had more energy than ever and can show you the healthy way to do it.

only $29 for a full month (less than $1 a day) of emails sent right to your phone or home computer. Sign up HERE:

If you don’t lose weight and gained lean muscle – then you can cancel at end of the month and I will refund all of your money.

You have nothing to lose – you will be out ZERO dollars!

We know that you will lose weight and that you will stay with us for the next month and learn more about healthy fat loss.

You will be sent an evaluation and welcome to the group to enter into our private Facebook group for accountability.

The next 24 hours you will receive your next email with a workout and nutrition tips.

Join us and be accountable and lose that extra weight you have been wanting to shed.

Questions? Email

Question: Good afternoon sir. I would very simple like to ask for a daily workout and maybe the best meals/things to eat to lose weight and fast. Ive lost some but i would like to see what would be your recommendation on a daily basis to shred weight. I am a poolee for the rss station here in Visalia, CA

Answer: This program will give you the info on what to eat vs what not to eat. What foods are bad vs which ones are good.

Question: Hey Brad,
One more thing i just got done with my football season about a month ago and i have been doing nothing but sitting on the couch all day and getting fat. Im about 5’11 195 and i am pursuing my goal to be a fighter pilot (currently a private pilot) would you be able to write up a workout plan for me that involves some of your workouts that involve cardio, muscle strength, and muscle endurance to help me shave off the unwanted fat and turn it into lean muscle.
Thanks! Jack G

Answer: Jack, this is just the program for you and I look forward to helping you reach your goal.

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