Let the Rangers Lead the Way Into Some Killer Motivation

Check out this awesome tribute video to the US Army’s Rangers, set to “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes.

How do you plan to crush your goals and gain that 1% towards them? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the video and let us know in comments below



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QUESTION: I really like the motivational videos I found from you on YouTube. Do you have anything I could listen to while I work out or when I’m driving? Thanks!

ANSWER: Yes; check out our library of Seal Grinder PT Audios.



QUESTION: Brad, I have been following you quite a while now and you are a huge inspiration for me. You inspired me to become a Navy SEAL, and your awesome workouts have helped me prepare.

Long story short, I am heading to Basic with a SEAL contract, and I am trying to soak up all the BUDs/teams knowledge I can and preparing for it.

If you have any advice I would appreciate it! Thank you for keeping me fired up! And thank you for being a patriot!

ANSWER: Good to hear from you. Check out this article here about preparing for BUD/S.S


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