US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on Personal Weaknesses: Make Them Your Strengths

“A person’s strengths are often their biggest weaknesses. And so that also means that their weaknesses can be their strengths.”

What are your biggest strengths? How are they also your weaknesses?

How do you remand mindful of this and actively turn your weaknesses back around into strengths?

When do you most often find yourself listening to your weaknesses and let them call the shots? What do you do—what can you do—to flip them back around again?

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Question: I just bought your new book “So, You Want to be a Ranger?” and I can’t wait to get going on it.

What I need more help with is what and how to eat, even though nutrition is talked about in it. Do you have a program to give me more guidance?

Answer: Yes; check out our 90 Days of Clean and Healthy Eating challenge. It’s a perfect compliment to any training program we sell.

Also check out this article–Exercise and Nutrition.


Question: So I’m really bad at running and that’s a big part of your training. How can I get better at my times?

Answer: Yes; check out this article–Tips to Improve Your Mile Run Time.




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