Navy SEALs vs Delta Force

navy seals vs delta forceThe Army has their Tier 1 Operatives known as “Delta Force” or simply “the Unit”. The Navy counters with a group so secretive the name changes depending on who your talking to. “DevGru” “Team Six” and “The Boys” to name a few.

Navy SEALs and Delta Force are two elite special forces units within the United States military. Both groups are highly trained and equipped to carry out a variety of complex missions. Here are some key differences between the two:

      1. Branch of service: Navy SEALs are a part of the United States Navy, while Delta Force is a part of the United States Army.
      2. Training: Both units undergo rigorous and extensive training, but the training methods and focus differ. Navy SEALs specialize in sea, air, and land operations and undergo a grueling six-month Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training program. Delta Force focuses on specialized counterterrorism and special reconnaissance operations and undergoes a highly selective and classified training program.
      3. Size: Delta Force is a smaller and more exclusive unit than the Navy SEALs. Delta Force is estimated to have around 1,200 soldiers, while the Navy SEALs have around 2,500 active-duty members.
      4. Mission: Both units are highly specialized and have different primary missions. Navy SEALs specialize in direct action missions such as raids, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue. They are also trained in unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, and maritime operations. Delta Force specializes in counterterrorism operations, such as hostage rescue and high-value target operations.
      5. Equipment: Both units are equipped with advanced weapons and gear, but the equipment differs based on the mission. Navy SEALs are known for their use of SCUBA gear and small boats for maritime operations, while Delta Force relies on helicopters and advanced communications equipment for their missions.

    To get into Delta or Team Six you must serve as a Special Forces Operator (Navy SEAL or Green Beret/Ranger) with an impeccable record on and off the field. Only the top 1% of Navy SEALs are even acknowledged for this honor. You will then be invited to try out. Not everyone of this super elite hand picked group makes the “try out”.

    Delta Force Physical Standards Test (PST)
    5-event physical fitness qualification test
    (all while wearing boots and BDUs)
    run, dodge and jump
    inverted crawl
    sit ups
    2-mile run
    100-meter swim
    Timed 18-mile ‘ruck-march’ at night in which the candidate must carry 35 pounds in their rucksack
    Timed 40 mile route while carrying a 45 pound ruck sack over rough, steep terrain.

    Training is intense with 16 hour days and mind numbing pressure as the new picked but “seasoned” candidates work their way through the initial Tier 1 training.

    Operatives are then formed up into cells and deployed around the world to hot spots to exterminate bad guys and rescued those in need.

    SEAL Team Six Physical Standards Test (PST)
    Dead Hang Pull ups 15 (on instructors count)
    Push ups in 3 minutes: 80 (chest to deck)
    Situps in 3 minutes: 90 (rest in top position)
    Air squats in 3 minutes: 100 (full lock out at top)
    3 mile run in 22 minutes

    Tier 1 Workout
    30 minutes of grinder PT
    30 pull ups
    run 4 miles on sand or up the mountain


    In summary, while both Navy SEALs and Delta Force are highly trained and elite units, they have different missions, training, and equipment. Navy SEALs specialize in sea, air, and land operations, while Delta Force specializes in counterterrorism operations. Both units are highly respected and valued for their expertise and contributions to national security.

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