New Marine Corps Boot Camp Recruits Go Through Hell

New Marine Corps Boot camp recruits go through Hell as they check in as civilians.

Watch them get their worlds rocked from shaving their heads to making them wear claustrophobic gas mask and scream “aye, aye sir.”

From rope climbs, pugil stick fighting, to massive amounts of running and pushups and mud.



3 rounds for time

10 pull-ups

15 air squats

20 pushups

25 sit-ups

400 meter run

Check out the recruit training video

Question: My buddyandIwant to starteuckhiking with weight and train fir Recon or Rangers? Do you have any tips? AaRon R.

Answer: Good to hear Aaron. check our these SGPT tips for ruck hiking

Question: Where can I talk to a Marine Corps recruiter?

Answer: Check out the DevilDog main website here:

Marine Force Recon workout