Nike combat boots vs Under Armour Valsetz

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Nike combat boots and Under Armour Valsetz boots are both popular choices for individuals in need of durable, high-performance footwear for outdoor and tactical use. While they share some similarities, there are also some key differences to consider when comparing the two.


One of the main differences between the two is the construction of the boot. Nike combat boots are made with a leather and nylon upper, while the Under Armour Valsetz boots are constructed with a combination of synthetic and leather materials. This can impact the overall weight and durability of the boot, with the Under Armour Valsetz being slightly lighter in weight.

Another key difference is the level of ankle support. Nike combat boots are designed with a high ankle shaft to provide maximum support and stability, while the Under Armour Valsetz boots have a mid-height ankle shaft. This can impact the level of protection provided to the ankle, and is a consideration for those engaging in more strenuous activities.

In terms of comfort and fit, both boots offer a similar level of support and cushioning. The Nike combat boots have a slightly wider toe box, while the Under Armour Valsetz boots have a narrower fit. This may be a consideration for individuals with wider or narrower feet.

Finally, price may also be a factor to consider. Nike combat boots are generally more expensive than the Under Armour Valsetz boots, but they may offer greater durability and long-term value for those who need a high-performance boot for regular use.

Overall, both Nike combat boots and Under Armour Valsetz boots are excellent options for individuals in need of high-performance footwear for outdoor and tactical use. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, including the level of ankle support, materials used, fit and comfort, and price.

Nike Special Field Boot Review
Awesome for foot patrol. I won’t go back to my old style of boot, unless I have to wear a steel toe, because they feel like sneakers.

I often do 8hrs straight with no issue. Way more comfortable than my old pair of bates boots. I think this boot is great for first responders. The Nike Special Field Men’s Boot was engineered to the specifications of world-class heroes, from military professionals to rescue and law personnel. The result: the lightest, fastest-drying, highest-mobility performance boot Nike has ever made.

The Nike SFB Special Field Boots are durable, nice fit, great looking, lightweight, the only problems are no steel toe, no easy out (zipper type thing up the side), and that on wet tile they can be very slippery. I will be buying these nikes from now on.

Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot Review

I bought these boots and have worn them for about a week. I will never buy another brand of boot. In my opinion they feel no different than a pair of cross trainers or running shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of boots I have owned. I am sold!

As a beat officer I walk 8 miles or more a tour. Without a doubt this is the best boot I have ever worn. I bought 2 pairs and highly recommend these boots to my co – workers . Keep up the great work!!!!

Lightweight, water-resistant mesh upper remains durable and breathable, for superior comfort
Fully contoured, compression-molded EVA midsole cushions your foot, without adding excess weight
ArmourGuide® ensures efficient foot-strike guidance from impact to propulsion
ArmourBound® delivers superior, responsive cushioning
ArmourLastic® absorbs shock at critical impact zones in the heel and forefoot for maximum protection
Molded Ortholite® sockliner cushions your foot
Rubber outsole is engineered to grip on- and off-road
Textured, high-abrasion rubber toe rand protects your foot
Speed-lacing shanks on the upper, for easy on/off without sacrificing a secure fit. Height: 7″. Weight: 16.1 oz.

Questions from our athletes and readers.

Question: “Coach, do any Navy SEAL or tactical Swat guys were Under Armour gear?” I have observed Navy SEALs and SWAT Team guys wearing Under Armour on the job and in the field training.

Question: Does Under Armour or Nike make a steel toe boot? Check out the reviews above.

Question: Which do you prefer with the oakley si-6 vs Under Armour boot? I would look first at which boot fits your foot and then go from there.

Question: How about the Oakley Tactical vs Under Armour speed freak. That is a hard question as both boots are really good. I would check out the reviews above and see which boot fits best – then take them for a hike.

Question: Which do you prefer with the nike special field boots vs under armour valsetz boots? I would say to try on each pair and see what fits your foot best as that is the most important part. Both pairs of boots are very good and lightweight.

Question: What about nike special field boot vs mini mil tr102? Both are good boots in that category. I would try both on and see which one fits your foot best then make the best decision starting there.

Question: What about the bates velocitor vs under armour tactical boots? Both are great boots so I would see which one fits the best on your foot.

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