Play Full Out

i see guys out there going through the paces.

they train at quarter and half speed thinking that someone is going to give them a BUDS contract or a slot on a professional baseball.

this is how i trained for buds….

i trained like it was my only chance to survive

dont do quarter workouts or some bullshit somebody that has not even been there

play full out man – you only have one life

when i go to do the long endurance bike ride do you think i play full out?

bitch, do you think there are others out there training harder than you today?

There are guys waking up earlier, getting to the gym before you and leaving after you.

They are reading a good book during lunch while you chit chat with your friends.

There are athletes out there that know what the word #HUSTLE means.

If you don’t hustle in life someone will come along and take your lunch money.

If you think I am kidding you are living in your parents house and a sheltered life.

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