Poll: Should Women be allowed to join the Navy SEALs?

Do you think that women should be allowed to go through Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUDS) training to become a Navy Frogman?

Do you think they can get the job done and not ring the bell and quit?

Or do you think that there should be an all women’s league training course instead?

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Let us know and post up your comments below and vote in our poll at bottom of page.

Let us know what you think and vote in our poll at the bottom of the article.

Question: I want to train to become a Navy SEAL but am pretty weak and have never really lifted weights.

Where do you suggest I start with your SGPT courses?

Answer: Check out the SGPT Strength program as it will help you start from the beginning and build a good foundation.

We definitely suggest you run, ruck march and do bodyweight workouts in addition.

Building a good foundation with dead lifts, squats, shoulder press and bench press sets the stage for all other work.

Question: I am training for Special Forces and my buddy thinks I should go and try a GORUCK event.

Do you think that it will be worth my time or I will just get hurt and set me back in training?

Answer: We like the GORUCK courses and have done one ourselves.

As long as you have a realistic expectation on what the course is and you train properly then you will be good to go.

If you don’t train and think it will be easy then you will be in for rude shock and could possibly get hurt.

Question: I want to go join the Navy to become a Frogman. Where can I find out more info?

Answer: Check out the Navy main website here:

First Female BUDS Candidate Quits
Teen From Hurley Mississippi Sets Sights on Becoming First Female Navy SEAL

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