Teen From Hurley, Mississippi Sets Sights on Becoming the First Female Navy SEAL

17-year-old Paxton Feathers, sworn in to the U.S. Navy during a ceremony before Friday’s East Central football game.

Paxton Feathers, a senior at East Central High School in Hurley, MS–a small town, population 985, which sits on the eastern side of the Mississippi panhandle, wants to become the first US Navy SEAL.

Feathers comes from a long line of relatives who have served in the military, and she wants to continue that tradition.

“My recruiter had said something about it, and I said hey, that sounds pretty interesting,” Feathers said. “I’m pretty sure I have the mental capability to do it, and as far as I’m concerned, muscles can be built.”

After serving as a SEAL, feathers plans on entering law school, then returning to the Navy as a career.

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