Progenex vs. Myogenex

There is much discussion in the CrossFit community over which recovery protein to use – Progenex vs SFH. Check out the info below and reviews and make your choice – Progenex vs SFH.

You can take PROGENEX Recovery after every training session. If you are training multiple times in one day, you can take a PROGENEX Recovery shake after each session.

Should I take PROGENEX Recovery on non-training days? PROGENEX Recovery is specifically designed as a post-training supplement. Taking it on non-training days will not necessarily add additional recovery gains. However, it would increase your high quality protein intake.

Can I take PROGENEX Recovery with PROGENEX More Muscle? Absolutely.

Do I need to add double the water if I take PROGENEX Recovery with PROGENEX More Muscle? No. You would use the same amount of water as you would if you were taking either PROGENEX Recovery or More Muscle.

Do you recommend mixing Recovery and More Muscle together in one shake?

You can after longer, tougher workouts but it is not necessary on a typical workout. PROGENEX Recovery is typically enough for post-workout.

Can Recovery and More Muscle be taken with carbs?

Yes. You can eat some carbs approximately 15 minutes after consuming a Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Can I sprinkle Recovery or More Muscle on my steel cut oats?

We do not recommend it. You can eat your steel cut oats about 15 minutes after drinking your Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Can I blend fruit or yogurt with my Progenex Recovery shake? Yes.

Myogenix Aftershock Recovery
After intensive research and field testing, Myogenix has introduced an advanced strength and recovery formula.* AfterShock Recovery. Designed to target every aspect of muscle growth, strength, speed, recovery, and over-all enhanced performance, AfterShock specifically keeps the needs of elite athletes in mind, who demand an intense nutritional profile.* Enhance athletic performance and see results!*

Myogenix AfterShock Recovery Review

I love this product. I think that it is a little pricey but it is very convenient. You don’t have to add anything just great all in one supplement for the recovery post workout.

I’ve used a lot of recovery supplements over the years, but Aftershock is the most effective and best tasting one that I’ve tried. I have used it for my recovery exclusively since May 2012, and have switched to Myogenix for all my supplements since that time (with great results). Aftershock has the right blend of carbs and protein that I look for in a recovery drink, and I’ve noticed that my soreness level has decreased significantly since I began taking it at my CrossFit gym. If you can only afford one supplement, this is the one.

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