SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep Camp

SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Preparation Camp

Ever wonder why there is a 25% drop out rate on athletes going through Kokoro camp? Because – it is incredibly hard and one too many athletes are unprepared – completely… out of their game.

Do you want to be that athlete that quits in the first 6 hours? Or one who grits their teeth and rides out the rough waves to calmer waters?

You may only be one tip and one workout away from breaking through.

Kokoro has been called the worlds toughest training camp outside of military Special Forces training. Have you got what it takes to survive – and thrive?

Imagine trying to climb Mount Everest and not knowing the proper way to train. You arrive at the mountain and 6 hours later end up quitting with your head in your hands.

There is a solution to help you reach your goal and climb the mountain of Kokoro.

3 day intensive physical and mental workout preparation for Kokoro. January 18, 19 and 20th.

Led by former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod
* SEALFIT certified Coach
* CrossFit level 1 certified
* Underground Strength Coach certified
* Coach at 6 Kokoro camps

$297 for 3 days of extensive in depth training
* 4 kokoro style workouts a day
* Weaknesses identified and documented
* Written workout plan tailored to you
* Inside tips and advice to avoid the pitfalls
* 2 Stretching and Yoga sessions a day
* Question and answer session
* Kokoro prep workbook for notes
* SGPT T shirt

Sign up now as class size is limited and will fill up. $297 for 3 days (only $99 a day. Held in Atlanta at the SGPT gym.


form action=”” method=”post”> WHAT YOU WILL LEARN* Learn mental conditioning techniques to overcome pain and fear.

  • Learn how to write your goals and affirmations and visualize achieving your goals

  • Challenge yourself with mind blowing workouts that will work specifically to help you thrive in Kokoro

There is a possibility of a 1 day camp on Saturday – email┬áif you may be interested in attending – $99

Also – If you are thinking about going to BUD/S or Special Forces training then this program is also for you. Learn from a former Navy SEAL who went through Hell Week twice and emerged from the ashes to rise above and stand atop the mountain.

Review of Kokoro Prep Camp by Thomas Coffey

Review of Kokoro Prep camp by THomas COffey – SGPT kokoro prep class was awesome! There was so much training and mental coaching packed into 3 days. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about going out to Kokoro come out the SGPT grinder first and sharpen your edge. Coach Brad I can’t thank you enough for this experience. Good times, lots of laughs, and great workouts.

Bill Nelson reviews SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep Camp – VIdeo

Bill Nelson reviews SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep Camp by Bill Nelson
SGPT Kokoro Prep was a game changer for me. Brad you brought out our weaknesses and showed us our strenghts. It was a lot packed into 3 days. I would recommend to anyone planning a trip to Encinitas or to someone just wanting to take their training to the next level. Tom,Kyle,Ony and Scott Hooyah!!!

Review of SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep by Kyle Kalusa – video

Review of SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep by Kyle Kalusa – SGPT Pre Kokoro Camp was the best! Having the bond of other athletes who want to achieve the same goal has more weight than gold. I will miss the past 3 days of pain and smiles! Thanks Coach Brad for all the mental toughness training and advice for the tough but worthy road ahead of us! Best of luck to all my fellow athletes in Kokoro and all their aspirations ! Safe travels home. Hooyah!

Video – Review of SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep by Ony Anglade

Review of SEALgrinderPT Kokoro Prep by Ony Anglade
Just a few words to say “Thank you” to Coach Brad for all his work organizing and running the SGPT Kokoro Prep camp. It was such a great experience and it exceeded my expectations. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to work and learn from Coach Brad and come out with not only a plan of work for my physical training, but also for my mental training. On top of that, the lessons in teamwo…rk and the lessons learned from my teammates are invaluable. I would recommend this camp to anyone wanting to get a good checkup of where they stand as part of their training and goal-attainment process. Even if you are not considering Kokoro Camp, you should still consider the SGPT prep camp because the lessons learned will definitely help you move to the next level.

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