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SGPT 365 Explained

By Coach Brad McLeod Former Navy SEAL


SGPT 365 is our flagship product from SEAL Grinder PT Training. I want to take a minute to explain the philosophy behind this groundbreaking training system.


The core of the program evolved from functional movements that Navy SEAL Instructors at BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) School implement in the first 3 weeks of training and during Hell Week. Born from Log PT, Boat PT, Rucking, Running, Grinder PT and Mental Toughness training.


In order to successfully graduate Hell Week and the first phase of BUD/S a student must be both mentally and physically ready. To do this they need to have a strong “core”. The Core of your body is defined as your mid section including your: traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. We target this first because without a strong core, you are at a higher risk of injury and it’s really your bodies foundation. The 365 Day Training Plan starts here.



The first 6 weeks of training:


Over the first six weeks, we target 4 key movements in a strength cycle. These are: Ground to Overhead, Back Squat, Bench Press, Ring Rows and Pull Ups. There’s a moderate level of cardio and grinder PT and rucking mixed in to keep it balanced.

Why these movements? BUD/S 1st Phase takes place on the beaches and Grinder of Navy Special Warfare Command in Coronado California. They key tools in training are: Bodyweight, Pull Up Bar, Logs, Boats and a ALICE Pack. Candidates train 8 – 12 hours a day focusing on functional movements such as: lunges, sit ups, bear crawls, low crawls, ground to overhead lifting and more. The emphasis on this training is teamwork. If you are a weak link on your team, you are a red flag to the instructors and most likely will earn a performance drop if you don’t DOR or Drop On Request.


SGPT 365 is designed to make you an asset to your team vs a liability. This ensures you will be functionally fit, confident and mentally ready to perform these tasks.



Stage 2 of SGPT 365:


Stage 2 of our training process is POWER! What is power? It’s the ability to take the functional foundation and drive it forward HARD! Charging through soft sand, shore-break knee deep water, under load and wet and sandy. You will be a turbo diesel truck. Hopped up with the best engine tuning available.

How Do We Apply Power to SGPT 365? We take the foundational movements that were strengthened in the 1 Stage of training and move from a measured repetitive pattern to a High Intensity Constantly Varied Pattern. This means we lighten up the load and increase the reps and pace. You will see power cleans, ground to overhead, shuttle sprints, and MORE in this portion of training. This will build off your already strong foundation or “Core”.


Stage 3 of SGPT 365: Endurance


BUD/S is a Marathon not a Sprint. In order to successfully complete Hell Week, you need to be durable. Resistant to injury and able to to perform for hours on end each day. To do this you need to build up your bodies ability to go the distance. These workouts are long, they aren’t 100% pace but 60 – 80%. Expect to be working for 60 – 90 minutes during these training sessions.


Stage 4 Mental Toughness The Never Quit Mindset of a Navy SEAL.


Last but certainly not least is one of the most important of all ingredients of the training process. Mental Fortitude. The mindset of a Navy SEAL. Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow NEVER QUIT!


I completed Hell Week 2 times… I know a thing or two about a Never Quit Mindset. I know how to embrace the suck and get the job done. In order to get this secret, you have to complete the training!


Here’s the details and a example of 2 Days of Training:



Gear Needed: Ideal setup for this program:

Pull Up Bar
Barbell with at least 135 Pounds of Weight or you can sub in a Heavy Sandbag
Step Up or Box Jump
Ruck with Weight or Weight Vest
Rucking and Running Trails or Pool
We give both swim and ruck options

The 365 is a combo of our 180 day programs.

It’s not easy, but it is scalable.

Here’s some more info:

Here’s some sample workouts so you can get an idea of how it would fit in with your daily routine.

You don’t really need a gym to complete these, so that helps. If you can get a sandbag and a rucksack with weight you can almost train anywhere.

The 180 Day is great. It will do what you want.

But you may want to check out these two other options as well.

SGPT 365 = our 2 180 day programs combined, nutrition and mental toughness training.

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SGPT The Complete Package. All the best sellers.

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Of course you can get SGPT 180 Day Here:

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Here’s some more info:

Workouts as follows:

3 Days On 1 Day Recovery 2 Days On 1 Day Rest

Workouts range from 30 min to 1 hour.

Pre Programmed Training. You own it! PDF Download. If you lose your file we can resend you a new one as long as you have the email you purchased with.



Day 1:
Warm Up: 400m Jog Complete Stretch Top to Bottom
5 Rounds:
50m Sprint
10 Power Cleans at 95#/65#
Cool Down: 1 Mile Run Complete Stretch Top To Bottom

Day 2:
Warm Up: 100m Bear Crawl Complete Stretch Top to Bottom
5 Mile Ruck with As Much Weight As Possible (AMWAP)
Cool Down: 3 Min Plank Hold with Ruck On Top To Bottom Stretch




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