Sig Sauer XM17: The Army’s New Sidearm

Recently, a selection of approximately 2,000 soldiers the US Army began using the new pistol and its variation, the XM18, as a replacement for the long-used M9 service pistol, in use since 1986. The XM17 will fully replace the M9 over the next decade. Both are variants of the Sig Sauer’s P320 pistol, which is available for use by civilians and law enforcement. The decision came after nearly two years of testing a variety of weapons.

Among the first to receive the pistol are soldiers from the 101st Airborne.

Reasons cited for choosing XM17 as the new pistol include a higher level of accuracy, adaptability, durability a tighter dispersion, more efficient and ease of use. Both pistols will come with an extended capacity magazine, as well as an option for suppressors and laser sights.

The US Air Force, Navy ad Marine Corps will also be using the XM17.

What do you think of the upgrade?

Have you used its variant the P230 and/or the M9? What were the pros? The cons?

Is there a pistol you think the Army should have chosen instead?

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