Sit-Up Contest for January 5-12: Win an SGPT Hat!

Here at SGPT, we love an awesome challenge, especially one to kick off all your 2018 fitness goalsespecially when the inspiration comes from someone like Muhammad Ali!


How do you win an awesome SEALGrinderPT hat?i

Here’s the Deal:

    1. Start doing your sit-ups. When you start to hurt, that’s when you start counting.
    2. In order to get your name entered into the contest, you have to leave the total count in the comment section below. (You can also comment on Facebook, but if you only comment there, you won’t be entered!)
    3. Count must be from one session, not a total of sessions. If you want to enter more than once to see if you can beat your total from a single session (and someone else), you can.


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QUESTION: Hello. I’ve been ill for awhile, but my doctor okayed me for starting CrossFit I also want to try your 90-Day program. Should I give this a go? Thank you for your time. I appreciate you.

ANSWER: Yes, you can definitely start the 90-Day Strength and Conditioning Program if your doctor gave you the thumbs-up for CrossFit. You can always scale back the workouts if you need. If if you want help, hit me up with your questions and I’ll be happy to answer.


QUESTION: The gym I belong to put up ropes for climbing and I’ve been trying them but struggling. Haven’t done this since middle school gym! Got any tips about how to make them easier?

ANSWER: Yes—check out the SGPT article CrossFit Rope Climbing Tips and make sure you’re working on your pull-ups.

Also check out this article to help—How to Use Negatives to Improve Pull-Ups.



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