How to Get a Strong Core and Strong Body

How to get a Strong Core

If your want your body to be strong – then you need your core to be strong.

You cannot have one without the other.

This article will show you ways to train your body and core to be strong from the inside out, which will generate high value returns in all of your workouts.

The starting building block for any core exercises is through the abs.  The exercises that we will show are meant to build the abdominals and hip flexors so that you will be much stronger in all other exercises that you do.

The first are simple ab and core exercises to condition your body used to working out in this manner. You can do these exercise anywhere — in your bedroom or garage or at the local park.

CrossFit cardio core workout #1
Double unders
sit ups
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Question: What is something simple that I can do at home to build my abs and core?

Check out the AbMat Abdominal Trainer. You can use this on the Annie workout and it will help to support your back.

The next level are hanging core exercises to build inner core strength.  Many of these exercises you can do in your local playground or put up a pullup bar in your garage or doorway to your room. Hanging core exercises are very functional in that you use them often when climbing and moving through obstacles.

The most advanced are those exercises performed on the TRX suspension trainer or gymnastic rings. In my opinion these devices up the ante and force you to use more stabilizer muscles that fire up your abs and core.  When I am gearing up for competition or just want that killer workout – I break out the gymnastic rings and TRX suspension trainer and go to work.

Video with exercises on How to get a Strong Core and Strong Body

SGPT Push up variations

Here are a few workouts to blast your core:
SGPT hollow rock WOD
So get out there and start taking advantage of these exercises and dial them into your workout.  Whether your down in your basement, up in your garage, out on your driveway or at your CrossFit gym – you can add these exercises to spice up your workouts and build a super strong core to make you ready for anything.  I lo0k forward to hearing your progress.

Question: Hey Coach Brad,
My name is Joe I’m a 16 yr old who goes to Osseo sr high in MN. I’m looking for something to help me with my pitching. I want some workout to build core strength and rotater cuff and arm and to help maintain it.

Answer: Joe; good question. I would try movements that focus on rotational strength and endurance.  Pull a sled with a rope. Toe to bar or knee to chest while hanging from pull up bar. Check out the workouts above to help build your core strength.

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