Suspension Trainer Exercises

Suspension Trainer ExercisesIf your looking for a killer way to get in shape and exercise – then you need to check out a suspension trainer. This device consist of adjustable straps and hand grips or leg straps that enable you to workout and exercise anywhere at anytime.

Suspension trainer exercises are an excellent method to work the whole body in your workout routine. This device is a favorite among the Navy SEAL’s as it is lightweight and they can take it with them on a ship or remote areas and still get a bomber workout.

The suspension trainer is a great tool that athletes of all disciplines can use. Golf, tennis, rugby, football, baseball are all great sports to use suspension training. First off – it is easy to set up – just toss the strap over a pullup bar and connect the carabiner and your ready to workout.

For an upper body workout just grab the handles with your hands and your ready for work. For a core/ab workout and leg workout just put your feet in the leg loops below the handles and your ready for action.

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Video – Suspension Trainer Exercises

Suspension Trainer Exercises

There are hundreds of actual Suspension Trainer Exercises that you can do. The exercises can be broken down into a few main groups:

Arms and Upper Body

What I like about the suspension trainer is that I can use it in my CrossFit workouts.

A good starter for Suspension Trainer exercises – a workout that I like to do is this –
3 rounds for time
20 ring rows (using the handles and pulling up)
20 atomic situps (legs through loops and pulling up towards chest)
20 pushups
note your time in your training log

Click here for a great article on improving your training log.

A CrossFit workout that I like to do on the suspension trainer is called Angie

Angie (all reps are scaleable and can be reduced to 50 or 25).
100 pull-ups (pulling up from the handles)
100 pushups (as a ring pushup)
100 situps (legs through stirrups)
100 squat jumps (grabbing the handles and jumping up off the ground)

You will definetly know you have worked out after doing Angie with a suspension trainer – It is a full body workout.

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The suspension trainer is very versatile and easy to take with you and set up on the go. I put the suspension trainer in my backpack and run to the local track and set up my suspension trainer on a pull up bar. I then do ring rows, pull ups and pushups on the suspension trainer and mix it up with a 400 meter run around the track.

Lately I have been doing this workout on the suspension trainer called Cindy:
Cindy workout with suspension trainer
20 minutes – As Many Rounds as Possible
5 pull ups (using the suspension trainer)
10 pushups (as a ring pushup using the handles)
15 squat jumps (jumping up holding the handles)

This workout is a tough one and sure to get your heart rate moving and muscles pounding.

For a good view of the suspension trainer in use check out this video:

A great SEALgrinderPT workout that you can do with the Grinder Kord is the ring pushup WOD —
SGPT Ring Pushup WOD
5 rounds for time
15 ring pushups (or substitute 25 regular pushups)
200 meter sprints
25 double unders
10 burpees with frog broad jump
2 mile run for time

Video – Suspension Trainer Exercises

One of my favorite workouts of all time and one that I do with the suspension trainer is called “JT”.
JT workout
Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips (with Grinder Kord suspension trainer)
Push ups

Check out this list of other suspension trainer exercises you can do with a suspension trainer:

Suspension Trainer Exercises
Suspension Trainer Rows
Suspension Trainer Squats
Suspension Trainer Bicep curls
Suspension Triceps Extensions
Suspension Trainer Chest Presses
Suspension Trainer High Shoulder Raises
Suspension Trainer Lunges
Suspension Trainer One Arm Planks
Suspension Trainer Mountain Climbers
Suspension Trainer Hamstring Curls
Suspension Trainer Curl Ups
Suspension Trainer Leg Lifts
Suspension Trainer Planks
Suspension Trainer Bridges

If you have any questions about the suspension trainer exercises
set up or workouts that you can do — email and I will answer any questions.

The TRX is a great for Suspension Trainer Exercises and gets really good reviews.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is a good TRX suspension training dvd? Check out TRX Basic Training: An Introduction to Suspension Training Bodyweight Exercise (DVD + Workout Guide)

Question: Can you hook up the suspension trainer on a pull up bar? Yes; just throw strap over the bar and hook in.

Question: Do Navy SEALs really do TRX workouts? Yes; TRX was invented by a Navy SEAL.

Question: What is a suspension strap workout? That is the same as a suspension trainer workout.

Question: What is a a good suspension training wod? Check out the suspension workouts above.

Question: Can I use the suspension training for my abs? Yes; there are many TRX workouts for abs – check out the videos and workouts above.

Question: What is a good navy seal TRX training workout dvd? Check out the workouts above and also TRX has several workouts that Navy SEALs do.

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